Design Bedroom For Teenager

Design Process

If you have said that they can change their bedroom, then you should include them in the design process and if they are at the age where they have a job, you should make them pay for half.

This might sound harsh but if they have paid for elements of their bedroom, they are more likely to look after it. Most of the time, a teenagers bedroom can look like a bomb has hit it and when you ask them to tidy it, they act like you have just asked them to do this massive task.

If you want them to keep their room tidy and you want them to respect the space, then they will have to learn to value the furniture. The only way to do this really is to make them pay for every bits and piece.

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Info of Automated Doors


The automated doors will open if you are carrying shopping bags in both hands. Like some cars that allow a sensor to close the boot when your arms are full, the automated door is basically the same. Going in and out of your home has never been easier.

It won’t randomly open because of the wind. Wind does not have a physical appearance or weight so the automated door won’t open if a little pressure is applied to the glass. In addition, the door would remain clean since no one is touching the glass or any handles. The only time you would need to clean the glass is when they start to get visibly dusty.


The downside to having a sensor open your doors is that you would need permission or an unlocking system so that not everyone can enter your home. You would also need to reach … Read the rest

LED Bulbs In Decorations

There are different types of LED bulbs based on various aspects such as colour, which is the different light colour emitted by the bulb, the lumen, which is the level of brightness as perceived by the eyes, shape size and energy consumptions among other differences. However, each lamp comes with its advantages aligned with its best use. The strip-shaped LED bulbs are more common for the decorative purposes, as they fit all the necessary features to create different indoor and outdoor decor.

Tips on how to decorate with them.

  • Outline the area of interest that you want to give that new look, the most common areas are the door area, the foyer and the window frames. These are likely to draw attention and indeed shed a whole different look to the room as create the aspect of view.
  • Choose a more infusing color shade, and that is calmer. Flashing lights
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Furniture Touch-Up Tricks

  • Natural remedies: Most nuts contain essential oils that can easily be used to deal with minor scratches and make your furniture look as good as new in a short span of time. The best nuts to use for this purpose are walnuts and pecans. Once you break the outer hard shell exposing the inner edible part, slowly break the meat of the nut, and rub the greasy portion on the scratches. For best results let it dry and then rub clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Paste wax-steel wool combo for numerous small scratches: This is something that should always be there by your side if your furniture is prone to getting numerous small scratches on the surface. Use the wax and rub it on the region with the steel wool. After you are done wipe the area clean with a soft cloth.
  • Wax stick to tackle deep scratches: Deep
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Look When Choosing Cushions

Get the right size!

While cushions certainly add glamour to a space, it is also essential to get their size right. Some cushions are meant for comfort and simply for show and you want to make sure the cushions you get serve your purpose. Standard size cushions work well with most environments and experiment only if you are very sure.

Fabricated stories!

You may want them to multi-task as cushions on your sofa and as a back rest on your bed and to ensure that your cushions look as spiffy as ever, you will need to choose a fabric that is long lasting and doesn’t stain easily. Fabric is of prime importance here. After all, you don’t want the cushions to be giving away the stories of its adventures!

Colour me pretty!

Colours in cushions can be make or break. Cushions can either serve to be the binding element or … Read the rest

Buy Comfortable Modular Lounge Furniture

Compared to traditional lounge furniture, modular options are a lot less expensive. Most manufacturers also offer long term guarantees and as long as it is within the warranty period, you will have no problem in getting a damaged piece replaced or repaired.

With traditional lounge furniture, rearranging the items can be a difficult task since they tend to be big and heavy. Therefore, a lot of people avoid doing it, and the d├ęcor of the room could become stale after some time. Traditional sofas and other items might only fit in certain parts of the room due to their girth. This severely restricts your options when it comes to redecoration. Modular lounge furniture is much lighter and easier to move around. This provides lots of versatility if you are thinking of sprucing up your room. If you like to reinvent your living space on a regular basis, modular lounge furniture … Read the rest

Recycled Furniture

Most business owners selling recycled furniture are talented and skilled designers, who are dedicated to do something resourceful for the environment. These furniture are made in a wide variety of styles. While some of them are made in traditional styles, others are made trendy and innovative. Whatever the style might be, they are made with the sole aim of making good use of the material that would have been otherwise wasted or scrapped.

Recycled furniture is available in almost all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. As a matter of fact, they can be considered as new furniture that were merely obtained from something that already existed before. It is actually difficult to differentiate between the shopping experience of recycled furniture and that of the brand new ones.

While shopping for reclaimed furniture, if you can’t find something that you like, don’t be disheartened. Just like brand new furniture, even … Read the rest

Bathroom LED Lighting

bathroom related ideas

If the light comes from different angles, all parts of your face will be illuminated equally. For example, while applying makeup, you should be sure that both sides of the face are equally made up, but if the light falls differently on both the sides you will never be sure if it isn’t really even or the light is showing it as such.

If you have a bathtub, then you should light the area with soft lights. You draw a bath to calm your nerves and relax and with minimum lighting, you can gain the feeling of being in a spa. In case you have a shower, it is better to have lights away from the water, preferably in the ceiling. It should never be a naked bulb, recessed lighting is a good idea as well.

There should be a lot of lights in the bathroom, but you should be … Read the rest

Clean Teak Furniture

All Teak Furniture

Materials Needed

  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Soft-bristled brush

Whether treated or untreated, these first steps are the same. Fill a bucket with warm water adding in a drop of detergent with a splash of bleach. Use the soft brush to clean dirt from the furniture. Outdoor furniture can be caked with mud and dirt along the legs. Use careful strokes repeatedly instead of digging into the wood to remove dirt. Rinse soap suds from the furniture and allow it to dry.

If the furniture is to remain untreated to grow even more silvered with age and direct sunlight, the furniture can be set back outside. Some people like the silvered look so much, they will add sealant at this point to keep the wood protected and keep the soft gray look to the piece. After washing, the furniture can be set outside. If it needs sealant, … Read the rest

Paint Plastic Furniture Easily

It is important to choose plastic paints that adhere to the surfaces of the furniture quickly. There are various types of paint colors made available in most of the online stores at various price rates. It is also available in many of the departmental stores and hardware shops.

Before using these types of paints on furniture, it is important to choose the right place and time to paint them. It is essential to use these types of paints in an open place where there is ample ventilation. Avoid painting during rainy and windy seasons as it may slow down the process of drying.

Prepare the surfaces before the application of paint on the furniture. If the furniture is old, clean it thoroughly with a solution of ammonia and wipe it with a sponge. In case the furniture is new, use a rag with a paint remover to wipe the surfaces. … Read the rest