Calacatta Marble

While Carrara has many gentle veins, Calacatta has a few bold veins, very dramatic indeed. The soothing white background and the veins appeal worldwide to homeowners, designers, and architects. Greater whiteness indicates higher prices and charm. The veins suit book-matched installations too, as compared to other marble patterns.

We offer 6 varieties of Calacatta. Each is exquisite and they are called Calacatta Classic and Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold Premium and Calacatta Lasa, Calacatta Splendor and Calacatta Vagli. Against the white backdrop, the veins may be golden or gray in several shades. The neutral colors may be easily blended with wood varieties and other decor elements. Plan the color choices as dramatic contrasts or moderate effects.

Whatever is high-end is not commonly found. Greater demand results in higher prices. Calacatta marble comes to our homes and offices from a single location globally in Carrara in Italy, far, far away! It may … Read the rest

Tips to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Wood Furniture

To clean your wood patio furniture made of cedar, redwood, or pine, you’ll need a soft scrub brush and a cleaner designed to be used on wood. First, you’ll need to scrub the wood to loosen any dirt and debris. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the cleaner and finish by hosing off any residue. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when performing cleaning tasks. If you prefer, you can also mix up your own cleaner with one quart of water, ΒΌ cup of ammonia, and two tablespoons of white vinegar.

For teak furniture, which is popular, you can use a teak cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle. If you don’t have teak cleaner, “[a]pply mixture of 1/4 cup laundry detergent and one quart bleach to one gallon water. Allow to remain on for 10-20 minutes. Scrub with soft bristled brush and rinse with garden hose.” (Source: … Read the rest

Take Care of Wooden Decking

  • Water is not exactly a great friend as far as wood is concerned. The moisture makes the material rot and warp or at times even mold can grow. If there has been a rainstorm then it is natural for water to seep into the boards through even the tiniest of cracks. The holes made with screws or nails also are sufficient for the water to seep in. Now, if the water is not dried up immediately after the storm dies; there is liable to be damage to the deck. It is true that there are different types of materials and some can resist water more than other; however wooden decking as a rule should be resealed every year or every couple of years.
  • The next thing is to check the extent of water damage. If it is noticed that there are water beads then there is no need to panic
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Geri Chairs

Getting the ideal Geri chair at an affordable price can frequently become a challenge. As there are a wide range of alternatives available in different types of prices, you should learn the method of getting the ideal choice for yourself or your dear one.

When you are planning to buy any of these products there are some basic features that you should consider before even considering the price. Possibly the most essential feature is the comfort that the chair provides. If the chair can’t provide comfort, you are seriously in big trouble. These chairs are mainly utilized for senior people and comfort is one of the essential factors that people should never agitate while taking a decision. After going through some of these chairs which are comfortable, you should start short listing your choice with other aspects and distinctions in various chair models of this type.

Another feature that distinguishes … Read the rest

George Nelson Bench

Kitchen Table

You may doubt how a Nelson bench fits in the kitchen, but the fact isit can be used as an effective kitchen accessory when the owner decides to keep minimum furniture in the kitchen. People, who are living single, find this is a useful accessory in the kitchen. If your kitchen does not have sufficient storage space and shelves, you can keep this to place your jars, bottles, pans, vessels and other utensils on it. The furniture has also got significant usefulness in your dining buffet especially when your dining table does not come in handy to hold and serve all the dishes. You can join two benches together and use as a coffee table too.

Waiting Seat in Office

Relatively smaller offices always have the problem of accommodating people waiting for appointments. They usually lack sufficient open space to create well furnished lobby halls. The Nelson bench … Read the rest

Different Types of Lap Desks

Let’s start with the most basic form of laptop stands: The good old plastic, desks that started the whole game. They were simply positioned to be at a more elevated angle which allowed for the heat to be dissipated more adequately. These desks, though providing a more comfortable lap computing experience, didn’t offer anything in terms of value added features. They didn’t have any electrical components, which made them the ideal desk stand for old school users who liked to keep things simpler.

Nowadays, laptop stands serve much more purpose than elevating the bottom of your laptop. They are equipped with complex electrical circuitries that allow for features such as fans and cooling vents. Heck some of them even come equipped with their own subwoofer sound systems, such as the one below:

These stands, while loaded with advanced modern features, do have some downsides to them. For one, they are … Read the rest

Repair Smoke Damaged Furniture

Depending on the kind of furniture you have, removing the smell of smoke can be simple and easy. However, it cannot be accomplished using Febreeze or another air freshener spray. The problem with air fresheners is that they mask the smell, rather than removing it all together. The smell of the freshener will cover the smoke, but it’s only temporary! In a few days, the smoke smell will return and your furniture will continue to frustrate you.

  • Q: I bought a beautiful leather couch from a friend who is also a smoker. As a result, the couch stinks and now so does my living room! Any tips on how to remove the offending smell and get my home back to normal?
  • A: This is a common problem, but with some every day household products, you can bring this leather couch back to its original condition. First of all, baking soda
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Regular HVAC Maintenance

Reduced repair cost

Almost every manufacturer of HVAC systems recommends that these systems should be inspected and services annually. Observing strict adherence to manufacturers’ instruction can lead to reduced repair costs. Delaying the annual service will not only cause inefficient cooling or heating but also leads to increased utility bills. So make sure your units are inspected on time. HVAC repair or cleaning is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive replacements.

Increased equipment lifespan

Heating systems or air conditioners clogged with dust and grime consume more energy to maintain the same performance. Dust accumulation often leads to early burnout and failure. Rather than spending money change-outs or replacements, invest in maintaining the overall performance of your equipment. A well-maintained HVAC system will produce the same level of heating or cooling throughout its service life.

Improved air quality

Dirty coils and blower parts can badly affect the quality of air. This … Read the rest

Revive Old Dining Chairs

The good news is that it is easy to give your dining chairs that boost they need, making them look as good as new and enabling you to show them off in your dining room with pride.

It doesn’t matter what type of wood your dining chairs are made of, over time they will start to wear. You can’t expect a dining chair placed near the wall to not get scuffed from time to time, remember it is not the wood that is damaged, but rather the varnish that has been scuffed. You may find some chips, scratches or deeper chips in your pieces, requiring some TLC and elbow grease to get them back to a new condition.

Before you start your repair process, it’s important you clean each piece thoroughly and move it to a well-lit area. This will help you pinpoint the problem areas that require your attention.… Read the rest

Wrought Iron Doors

Many older American homes started out as one style, but later additions or renovations have completely corrupted their origin. Adding vinyl siding, for instance, can obscure all aspects of style except the basic structure.

However, American Style is more free and modern, taking elements from diverse traditions and blending it with more grandeur and more pizzazz than anywhere else. Whatever the style of your home, upgrading the exterior doors will help bring it all together. Exterior doors come in a wide range of materials, from weathered wood, to sleek steel, impressive wrought iron or contemporary fiberglass designs. Of primary importance to selecting the right exterior doors is to consider your home’s basic architectural structure.

While some homes have been built to resemble a particular style, such as a ‘mock Tudor’ what has become most common on the American landscape are “mock mansions” – large, developer-built custom homes with certain common … Read the rest