5 Gadgets You Need to Make Your Cleaning Easier

The busy work culture has had many Britons glued to their desks Monday to Monday dedicating little-to-no time to clean their homes.

On the other hand, it is very expensive to outsource home cleaning services in the UK.

So, if you are one like me and you would like to have gadgets that will make your cleaning easier, read along.

1. Robot cleaner

The traditional manual vacuum is what almost every home has but are limited in terms of features that more recent robot cleaners have.

The advantages of traditional vacuum cleaners are that they are cheaper, have larger dust boxes, and they work effectively.

There are downsides that they’re pretty heavy, difficult to reach tight spaces and they are manual.

On the other hand, there are robotic cleaners.

The Perks of having a robot cleaner is that it saves time, and it is more convenient than a manual vacuum cleaner.

It is quick and can reach areas that are rather difficult for a manual vacuum cleaner too.

With robot cleaners, their biggest disadvantage is that they are expensive, and they have a very small dust box so it will need regular emptying.

Some versions of robot vacuum cleaners do not clean liquids unless they have an attachable mop.

Better tech upgrades with robot vacuum cleaners with smart integrations make their prices go higher depending on the feature added.

The best way to lay Your hands on a good quality robot cleaner is by reading their reviews.

These robot cleaners and other gadgets can be purchased at some British furniture shops online but take extra care and read the reviews so you don’t end up purchasing poor quality or counterfeit cleaners.

2. Floor scrubber

To make cleaning easier and more efficient floor scrubbers are perfect tools.

Floor scrubbers come in different shapes and sizes and of course quality.

There are home scrubbers and commercial payments scrubbers.

What will determine the type of floor scrubber you people are: the floor area of your home, the floor types, type of stain you intend to scrub out.

Different scrubbers are meant for different flooring types. The last thing you want is your expensive slow to be scratched or damaged as a result of excessive incompatible scrubbing.

Pricing variation will also depend on whether the floor scrubber is cordless or recorded or whether it is electric or manual.

Electric scrubbers are more convenient to use but are more expensive than manual scrubbers.

For cordless floor scrubbers, you need to watch out for the battery capacity and preferably pick one with better battery life.

3. Floor mop

Floor mops the equipment that every home has and makes cleaning easier is a floor mop.

There are 6 types of mops;

  • Flat mop
  • Sponge mop
  • Dust mop
  • String mop
  • Strip mop
  • Steam mop

What sets them apart is their making shapes and functionality.

More more advanced versions of mobs are the vacuum robot mops which works just like the regular robot vacuums.

Steam mops are the most effective when it comes to cleaning as they take less time to use, and they disinfect as well.

Cons of floor mops:

  • One of the negatives of floor mops is that a wet string mops 10 to breed bacteria is not aired out in the sun.
  • Without rinsing well wet floor mops will smell very bad when reused.
  • Over time, string mops fall apart.

4. Air purifier

If you have never thought of having a home air purifier perhaps this may make you consider getting one.

Living near a farmhouse, a factory or neighbourhoods with poor air quality necessitates every home to have an air purifier.

An air purifier works by sucking pollen dust and any other toxins that may be in the air.

It is a must-have gadget for a person with asthma or allergies.

Consider getting an air purifier also if you have home pets like dogs and cats that tend to shed a lot of hair.

Ragweeds, mould spores are also taken out by air purifiers making the air safe for children and adults.

A good quality air purifier costs around £100 in the UK.

For the best air quality consider getting a combined air purifier and humidifier.

5. Steamer

Cleaning steamers make work easier because they combine both the cleaning aspects of heat and vacuum.

Cleaning with steam is more efficient and effective as it kills bacteria causing germs and it makes the process of taking out tough stains easier.

Steamers and also all around and you can use them in the bathroom, floors or your car.

The major downside of steamers is that they consume a lot of electricity because of the heating and wheeling power.