About Mobile Home Water Heaters

Mobile homes tend to lack maintenance until something goes wrong, but just like your main home, they should be maintained on a regular basis.

The mobile home water heater never gets looked at till it breaks down, but just like your central heating boiler ay home, it should be serviced annually.

Most of the new mobile homes are now supplied with a full central heating system installed, run by an LPG combination boiler.

Older models were supplied with an LPG water heater, normally fitted in a compartment somewhere.

The most popular heaters were made by Morco and Bosch.

They produced around 5-6 liters of hot water per minute, which for the average family was enough.

Now though, if you need to repair or replace your heater, both Morco and Bosch have ceased production of these models.

Searching the internet you may be able to find a replacement or parts, but these are old stock, and you will pay through the nose for your model.

So what options are there for mobile home water heaters?

If your heater has stopped working, you have two options.

One, try and get it repaired, which could cost you nearly as much as replacing it, or two, replace it with a new model,

A Spanish company now produces a replacement for the Morco and Bosch water heaters.

The make is called Forcali, they produce two models, 6 and 10-liter versions.

Each water heater is supplied with standoff brackets to bring it inline with the existing flue.

It’s best practice though to replace the flue at the same time.

Everything needed for the installation is supplied in the box, even the flue adaptor.

These replacement models have been designed to save on running costs by having no fixed pilot.

The water heater operates automatically as and when there is a call for hot water.

Your old water heater was probably D rated, whereas these new units are A rated and better for the environment.

Like I said at the beginning, mobile homes need regular maintenance to keep them working, but the most important thing is SAFETY.

When you arrange for someone to carry out the maintenance, make sure they are Gas Safe Registered, and that they also registered to work on LPG.