Beds for Children

On the other end of the age scale when it comes to beds are beds for teenagers. With this age range traditionally hard to please, a wide selection of beds is available for them; from conventional full size beds to a couple of more unusual types. One example of this is ‘chill out’ beds, which allow your teen to do exactly that – chill out. They can be used as a comfy sofa during the day and a bed at night. They can also provide storage space for everything from computer games and CD’s, to books and magazines, or even clothes.

It is also possible today to buy multi-media beds with built in music and television! Sleepovers are increasingly common these days; especially with girls, and it is possible to purchase dual function sleepover beds that are easily converted when the guests arrive.

A classic choice for children’s beds, especially if you have more than one child, is bunk beds. These twin bed frames; commonly made from wood or maybe metal, are stacked on top of each other with a ladder providing access to the top bunk. The great advantage of a bunk bed is of course the space that they save, with two beds taking up the space of only one.

In a similar vein comes the loft bed, often referred to as a high sleeper. These beds are elevated high and are accessed by a ladder; again making them suitable for small rooms that are lacking in space. With the bed elevated, the space below can be utilised for a number of purposes, such as working space or storage, or they can be supplied with furniture fitted underneath; like a wardrobe and shelves, or a chest of drawers and a study desk. Lower cabin beds, also known as midi-sleepers, provide storage under the bed and may come equipped with hidden extras such as a pull-out desk.

Fun can also be brought into the children’s bedroom with the extensive range of novelty beds that are available. When purchasing novelty beds it is important to make sure that they are of good quality, but all tastes can be provided for, like some that resemble a race car or even a digger, beds with a football or maybe dinosaur theme, some that look like a castle, or there again for girls; a bed that resembles the palace of a princess.