Benefits of iComfort Mattress

The iComfort memory foam mattress also boasts of having a cool action gel which ensures each sleeper will enjoy a night of cool sleeping they can only dream of. Regular memory foam mattresses cannot make this claim. This mattress is also dust mite resistant and antimicrobial which is a superior benefit for those who suffer with allergies.

One reason this mattress works so well is that it was not created with an innerspring as other mattresses have been. They generally produce the least amount of comfort. An innerspring mattress works by employing a number of springs to “push back” the body. The painful end result can be the creation of pressure points which can cause back pain, tossing and turning and poor circulation.

These pressure points can also result in poor spinal health. Tossing, turning and the constant shifting of the body into a new, less painful position can cause not only a bad night’s sleep, but it can result in trouble with your spine. The iComfort was designed to give you the ultimate night’s sleep thus putting less stress and pressure on the spine.

This memory foam mattress doesn’t need to be broken in to be comfortable. Usually, time must pass on a standard spring mattress in order to experience the level of comfort to obtain the best night’s sleep. The Cool Action Gel Memory Foam of the iComfort has been created to give comfort on the very first night and every night thereafter. Even if your partner moves around a lot in bed with you, your sleep won’t be interrupted.

You can feel confident about this mattress because it was designed with you in mind. The makers of this mattress are so convinced you’ll love it, they are willing to give you an extensive trial period.

What makes all of this possible? It’s the technological advances that were uniquely created to reduce body pressure. The gel beads inside the mattress help your body not to sink in too much and give added support where needed.

The world of sleep and comfort has come a long way from the mattresses of olden days. Thankfully, gone are the days when beds were made from timber frames and rope or leather supports and a “bag” stuffed with straw, wool, leaves or feathers. The iComfort mattress is a paragon of excellence.