CFLs vs LEDs

Lifespan- The CFLs cannot last more than 2-3 years but if you see LEDs you will experience that these can last more than 4 years without getting dim. On the basis, you can think how much time and money as the replacement you can save.

Brightness- The CFLs are multidirectional lighting source as it releases illumination in all the direction which is the result of heat generated in the CFL bulbs, therefore, energy loss takes place in CFLs. Whereas the LEDs are the unidirectional source of lighting and its illumination is well focused in a single direction and the brightness rate is also better than CFLs.

Energy Consumption- The illumination produced by the CFLs are the result of heat produced in these lightings, therefore, a lot of energy gets wasted in the heat form. On the other hand, LEDs give more brightness per watt of electricity thus you can say it is more energy-efficient in comparison to any other light sources in the market.

Cost- The CFLs are cheaper than LEDs but their lifespan is 3-4 times shorter than the LEDs. Therefore, if we calculate on the long-time basis, LEDs will prove cost effective and provide energy saving for the longer time. The maintenance and replacement charges of LEDs are very less than CFLs.

Effects on Environment- CFLs emit a lot of carbon which we all know is very harmful to our health. On the other side LED Lighting emit a very little amount of carbon if continued for a longer time. Therefore, if we replace all our lightings with these smarter ones, we can lessen the amount of carbon presented in our atmosphere. You can say it is environment-friendly and these days it is the necessity of the time.