Choose Bathroom Worktops

This has resulted in a lot of care and attention being placed on the right bathroom worktops to install in the space, to ensure it offers the “wow” factor the homeowner is looking to achieve.

Before choosing what type of bathroom worktops will work best in your bathroom space, it’s worthwhile knowing exactly what you are looking to achieve from these work surfaces.

Functionality will play an essential role in the overall design of the space, including the work surfaces. You want your work space to be easily accessible, the right size and offer you convenience when using the space.

Appearance is an essential element. Especially with so many homeowners choosing a spa-inspired and luxurious theme for their bathrooms these days. The material you choose for your bathroom worktops should enhance the space, give it that complimentary factor that you need to create the perfect space.

Finally, it’s essential that your choice blends in with the rest of your design. If you have gone with a light colour scheme, then following that scheme through will make all the difference when it comes to the finished product.

There are a number of material choices you will have to choose from when deciding what work surfaces you want in your bathroom design.

Quartz has increased in popularity. This material is scratch resistant and long lasting. It is a beautiful material that will complement any space due to the choice of colour combinations available. Quartz is hard wearing, visually appealing and will enhance any bathroom space.

The next popular bathroom material is marble. Marble has been used as bathroom worktops for many years and there are reasons for this. Besides how beautiful a piece of marble can be once placed in the area, this is a very durable and beautiful material. The advantage to this is how unique it is, every piece of marble is different. So the piece you choose will not only be magnificent in the space, but unique as well.

Granite is also a favoured choice for bathroom worktops. Granite is mostly used in kitchens, but can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom design. Granite is very low maintenance, easy to clean and long lasting. It has grown in popularity when it comes to bathrooms because of its non-porous nature, making it very sanitary.

Over and above the material you choose and the reasons you choose it, you need to ensure that your bathroom worktops fit into your overall bathroom design. As mentioned before, everyone is going for a spa-inspired and luxurious bathroom design and all these materials can easily hold two countertop basins, to finish your design off to perfection.

Always ensure you measure the space before making any final decisions. The area you choose to mount your work surface should still offer ample floor space to move around.

While putting the work surface along one wall, may seem like the perfect plan, if you don’t have the floor space or the door opens onto that wall, it’s not going to be the best idea.

Always do a thorough layout of the overall design, complete with measurements, this way you can ensure that your work space will not compromise the floor area in any way. These layouts also help you when deciding where to place your items, ensuring everything works together in harmony to create the beautiful space you are looking to achieve.