Choose Furniture For Small Space

  • Lightweight and Unobtrusive Furniture: When furnishing a tight space, one thing you should keep in mind is to keep the furniture pieces lightweight. You should also choose pieces that are sleek, compact, and unobtrusive. If possible, avoid buying large, bulky wooden furniture with extravagant furnishings. As a tip, purchase pieces that are low to the ground and designed with simple and straight lines. Lastly, choose pieces that let light stream through them as this will create an illusion of having more space.
  • List Essential Furniture: One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when furnishing a small space is adding a lot of small pieces to fill up every corner of the room. This results in a cluttered look, and makes the room look even smaller. Therefore, you should only select a few essential pieces. Choose what is necessary in the room and add it. For instance, you can place one large sectional sofa, which accommodates all seating, in a small living room. This will actually make your tight space look roomier and allows for accommodating more guests.
  • Lighter Colors: Aside from the size of the furniture, you should also take into account its color. Remember that adding lighter colors into a room will it look bigger. Dark-colored furniture pieces, such as furniture made from dark wood will make your room feel cramped. For instance, you can use white furniture pieces, especially when you painted the walls white. In fact, white furniture is very trendy these days; thus, it is a great option for an elegant and contemporary look. However, you also have the option to add a few dark pieces or add a pop of color into the room.
  • Wall-Mounted Furniture: Another tip is to use the space on your wall by adding wall-mounted furniture. This type of furniture takes less space and it also frees up your floor space. You can opt for wall-mounted dining table, bookshelf, or desk. If wall mounting is not an option, you can choose folding chairs and tables instead so that you can fold them up when not in use.