Creating the Perfect Bedroom Oasis

You can create the perfect space by following a few simple steps, starting with using magazines and looking at various designs online.

Everyone has their own unique taste and their own ideas on what makes the space spectacular, luxurious and an oasis where you can enjoy peace and quiet. Ensure you allow your own personality to shine through, even as you page through glossy magazines to get some great ideas.

The next step is to paint your walls. It is advisable to stick to a neutral colour, this makes it easier when choosing bedroom furniture and also if you want to make any changes to the design at a later stage.

While neutral is most liked, don’t go white. White walls will leave a clinical finish, light beige is ideal. You can always add a feature wall behind the bed where you can use a brighter colour of paint or even make use wall paper for better look.

Make a list of bedroom furniture items you need to buy. If your bed and wardrobe is relatively new, there is no point replacing it at this stage, concentrate on other items such as side tables, maybe a chest at the end of the bed for storage, a dressing table and if you have the room, make a seating area, it’s a great place to relax with a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings.

When choosing bedroom furniture, it’s advisable to keep the same material throughout. If you choose a Mahogany bed frame, stick to the wood throughout the space.

Mixing and matching materials won’t work in unison to enhance the space and create that luxurious finish.

Measure your space. Measure from one side to the other, also measure the height of your ceilings. From here you can draw up a floor plan, deciding where each piece of bedroom furniture is going to go. Your bed will be the focal point, so start with that, ensuring you leave enough room to accommodate side tables.

Try not to make the mistake so many people make by placing your bed or larger objects in front of the window, natural light is essential in any room environment.

Your bed will be the biggest bedroom furniture decision you will ever make. Be realistic when it comes to size, even if you have dreamed of a large king size bed, make sure it will fit in the room without overpowering the space.

To create a comfortable and functional space, you may have to go with a double bed for now. Remember you will want to move around the bed with ease without having to tackle obstacles along the way.

Lighting is another very important factor to take into consideration. While you may not feel that lighting is an essential item to have in the bedroom space, the right choice of pendant lights or bedside lamps are highly functional and effective in the pace.

In addition to looking fantastic and offering a soft glow of light at night, these can also cut the need to get up and out of bed to turn off the main light once you’re all comfortable.

Finally, make sure you add artwork to the space. While choosing the perfect bedroom furniture is the main criteria to creating a functional, comfortable and luxurious oasis, an artwork on the wall can add that splash of colour to finish off your design to perfection.