Different Types of Lap Desks

Let’s start with the most basic form of laptop stands: The good old plastic, desks that started the whole game. They were simply positioned to be at a more elevated angle which allowed for the heat to be dissipated more adequately. These desks, though providing a more comfortable lap computing experience, didn’t offer anything in terms of value added features. They didn’t have any electrical components, which made them the ideal desk stand for old school users who liked to keep things simpler.

Nowadays, laptop stands serve much more purpose than elevating the bottom of your laptop. They are equipped with complex electrical circuitries that allow for features such as fans and cooling vents. Heck some of them even come equipped with their own subwoofer sound systems, such as the one below:

These stands, while loaded with advanced modern features, do have some downsides to them. For one, they are much more expensive than traditional laptop stands. Secondly, the electrical circuitry within the stands make it less durable as care needs to be taken in order to prevent the circuits from malfunctioning. Lastly, there’s also the criticism that these desk stands draw power from the laptop itself which may make the laptop work harder, essentially making it rise in temperature.