Furniture Touch-Up Tricks

  • Natural remedies: Most nuts contain essential oils that can easily be used to deal with minor scratches and make your furniture look as good as new in a short span of time. The best nuts to use for this purpose are walnuts and pecans. Once you break the outer hard shell exposing the inner edible part, slowly break the meat of the nut, and rub the greasy portion on the scratches. For best results let it dry and then rub clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • Paste wax-steel wool combo for numerous small scratches: This is something that should always be there by your side if your furniture is prone to getting numerous small scratches on the surface. Use the wax and rub it on the region with the steel wool. After you are done wipe the area clean with a soft cloth.
  • Wax stick to tackle deep scratches: Deep scratches can be an eyesore and to tackle them a wax stick comes in handy. Simply use the wax stick to fill in the scratches and then use a spatula to make the surface even while removing the excessive wax. Buff the wax and ta-da the scratch is gone.
  • Glass scratches need special care: Scratches on glass furniture can easily be removed using a glass scratch removal compound. The compound works by filling in the scratches and making the surface even and scratch free. Simply prepare the mixture and apply it on the surface with scratches. Let it dry off and then buff the surface. Wash off the compound to reveal a scratch less surface.