Futon Beds

People who always have friends and families visiting and spending the night will benefit from having Futon beds. This is especially a great option for people who do not have a lot of space for a guest house. Large families also benefit from this bed as it can be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

  • The frames: The best thing about Futon frames is the fact that you do not need to call for help when moving the bed or converting the frame. Futon beds are fitted with wall hugger futon frames. This is a type of frame that can allow conversion of the seat to the bed without moving towards the wall. This makes it very easy to handle the bed even when you are alone in the house. You will not need any help from your neighbour.
  • Safe for the walls. Did you just finish painting the walls in preparation for the winter? Is your wall paper all clean and new? A wall hugger futon frame protects your walls. Many companies are embracing this frame because they do not spoil or scratch the wall. The futon bed can be stretched to the front using a loading mechanism. This will ensure that the frame is stretched without coming into contact with the walls.
  • Health benefits: A Futon bed supports your body especially the joints. Doctors advise their patients especially those with joint and muscle problems to sleep on futon beds because it prevents your joints from sagging. When your joints sag, they can be overstretched leading to backaches. There are cases where overstretched joints can cause severe cricked neck and this comes with a lot of pain. There are some mattresses that are made from synthetic fiber that has chemicals. These chemicals can intoxicate the blood as you sleep. A Futon mattress is made from natural fibers and is the best option for people with breathing conditions such as asthma.