George Nelson Bench

Kitchen Table

You may doubt how a Nelson bench fits in the kitchen, but the fact isit can be used as an effective kitchen accessory when the owner decides to keep minimum furniture in the kitchen. People, who are living single, find this is a useful accessory in the kitchen. If your kitchen does not have sufficient storage space and shelves, you can keep this to place your jars, bottles, pans, vessels and other utensils on it. The furniture has also got significant usefulness in your dining buffet especially when your dining table does not come in handy to hold and serve all the dishes. You can join two benches together and use as a coffee table too.

Waiting Seat in Office

Relatively smaller offices always have the problem of accommodating people waiting for appointments. They usually lack sufficient open space to create well furnished lobby halls. The Nelson bench is an excellent choice to accommodate people in the lobby area for a short waiting period. You could think chairs are a better alternative than the bench, but the product would make the hall look visually appealing, which chairs would not. If you are a home-based start-up, you could use the bench as an appropriate coffee table that would nicely compliment the d├ęcor.

Outdoor Lawn Bench

Looking at the design you could easily guess that the furniture was originally designed to serve as a garden or lawn bench. You’re right, that’s the original purpose of George Nelson while designing the furniture. Today, a Nelson bench is being used more as an outdoor furniture than an indoor furniture part, granted that it’s still a handy piece of furniture in homes and offices.Other than that, you could use a small and low model as a nice picnic furniture, which is easy to carry to any location.

Living Room Table or Coffee Table

The product happens to be a good alternative for a living room coffee table. Since it is a multipurpose product, you can easily place your coffee or food trays along with a couple of magazines and newspapers on it. The airy wooden structure does also enhance the look of your living room.