Glass Sliding Doors

Depending on the size of your home you could convert one room into your sanctuary otherwise you could choose your bedroom or living room to be your sanctuary.

If you have the space to use a whole room for this purpose you could add elements of your favourite things to calm your mind and body. If you love reading, you could add a bookshelf with your favourite novels. Decorate the room with paintings that represent tranquillity such as paintings of waterfalls or the beach. A comfortable couch with a lot of cushions is also ideal if you are a reader. You’ll need a soft area to relax while reading. It’s also a good idea to add a small table in the room on which to place your drink or snack while you enjoy the space. To complete the sanctuary a beautifully designed stained glass sliding door with a wooden frame will add to the tranquillity that you are trying to create. The smooth sliding motion the door makes when you enter the room already sets the tone for the space.

If you don’t have the extra space you could use your bedroom or lounge as your sanctuary. Similarly to the aforementioned, you could add paintings on the walls that create a peaceful atmosphere. In the lounge you could add paintings of the beach or forestry. In the bedroom it is a good idea to add pictures of flowers, birds or butterflies as these will all create a calming effect on your mind. These images will give you a sense of freedom. If your lounge leads into a passage then the open space will be wonderful for the openness that you need. Usually bedrooms lead into a passage via a solid wooden door. Rather make the doorway larger and place a glass sliding door in that space. Opening the glass sliding door into the bedroom will give you a feeling of glamour and freedom. At first step you will already have a feeling of tranquillity come over you.