Granite Flooring

  • Tan Brown
    The darker hue shade of the tan, brown tiles is the best option for those who crave for the darker shades on the floor. This striking tile is available with the golden flakes on it, which makes it even more exotic. This tile is imported from India and available in 12″X12″ and 18″X18″ measurement.
  • New Venetian Gold Granite
    If you crave for a stunning look to your house, then you can happily select the new Venetian gold granite. This stone is imported from Brazil. The base color is mostly seen to be golden and cream, on which some brown, gray and dark red veins are designed to make it an attractive one for an exotic look for any room.
  • Giallo Fantasia
    The Giallo Fantasia flooring would remind you of a beach vacation with its sandy textures. The stone colors range from gold, gray, dark brown with the high variation of the flakes on the background of cream color.
  • Kashmir Gold Granite
    Kashmir gold granite has a well-polished look to add uniqueness to the room with its gold and red colored veins on the light or medium colored sand like background. This beautiful looking tile is imported from India.
  • Indian Dakota
    Indian Dakota is another kind of dark color tiles with a unique look, featured by medium color darker brown veins along with silver highlights.
  • Impala Black Granite
    If you like to have a black colored floor, then you must go for Impala Black Granite. This stunning looking stone comes from South Africa in the measurement of 12″X12″.