Keep Heat Inside During Winter

When houses were built, they were designed to be facing north so that all the bedrooms of the house would be warm by the time night arrived. Curtains were not only invented to keep your personal life private but they were also made to retain the warmth within the house. The curtain fabric is sewed tightly so that it blocks the cold draft of air which comes through your window or door.

Open all your curtains during the day to allow the warm sunlight into the rooms. When sunset arrives and it’s time to close the curtains, there will be enough heat to keep the surrounding areas warm. Using sunlight as your main source of heat also helps your pocket a great deal.

Easier and money-less ways to keep yourself warm in your home during the winter months would be to place your sofa or bed close to a window that is allowing sun through. By the time the sun moves to a different place, your furniture would be warm and toasty for you and your family to snuggle up on.

Did you know that hot air rises? This means that the warmth is escaping your home through the roof. To avoid this, install a thick layer of insulation in the ceiling to block the heat from escaping. This will keep the heat in the room.

Keep out all the cold drafts by installing a door that seals the space shut. These are often custom doors and usually made out of wood. Since wood is heavy and a type of insulation, cold air won’t proceed past the door.

Fireplaces are great to light up and heat the room up. However, when you don’t feel like lighting one up, there is a big chance that the heat is escaping through the chimney. There is a device called a chimney balloon that blocks the airway. Before lighting up the next fire, make sure that you remove the balloon to avoid uncontrollable damage.

During winter we need to make sure that our families are always warm to avoid ourselves and our families from falling ill. If renovations are not an option, there are smaller and easier ways to keep that warm and cosy heat in your home.