Landlords Gas Safety Inspection

It is the responsibility of whoever manages the property to arrange for this inspection to be carried out. Failure to comply with this regulation could lead to severe penalties.

If a property is rented out to new tenants and there is still 5 months left before the next inspection is due, it is recommended that a new inspection is carried out to make sure everything is still safe. The previous tenant may have tampered with the gas supply or appliances and left them in an unsafe condition.

What is a Landlords Gas Safety Inspection

All gas appliances within the property need to be checked for safety, this involves checking the flue of the appliance is not leaking carbon monoxide and is terminating correctly.

Checking that the air supply if needed, is of the correct size and is not restricted. Any gas appliance that is classed as open flue needs fresh air to burn correctly, not enough air will make the appliance burn incorrectly and the products of combustion could enter the room instead of terminating up the flue.

Every room that has a gas appliance fitted needs to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed, this will also be tested and recorded on the certificate.

All safety devices on the appliance need to be checked to make sure they are working correctly.

A gas tightness test needs to be carried out, this is checked at the gas meter. This test will highlight any gas leaks within the property.

While at the gas meter checking that the gas supply pipe is fitted with the correct size earth bonding.

Once the inspection is finished two copies of the certificate will be issued, one should be left with the tenant and the other copy goes to the property management or landlord.

If any faults are found they will be noted on the inspection certificate, another certificate called a warning notice will now be issued with details of any faults found.

The landlord will have 30 days to rectify any faults, this will depend on the severity of the fault. If the fault is classed as immediately dangerous the gas supply to that appliance will be disconnect and made safe.

Landlords by law, have to make sure that the property they are letting out is safe, too many landlords try to avoid having this inspection carried out because of the cost involved.

If you are a tenant make sure your landlord has this gas safety check carried out annually and that you have a copy of the certificate for your own records.

If you are a landlord make sure you comply to the gas safety regulations, keep your tenants safe and always have a landlords gas safety inspection carried when it becomes due.