Look When Choosing Cushions

Get the right size!

While cushions certainly add glamour to a space, it is also essential to get their size right. Some cushions are meant for comfort and simply for show and you want to make sure the cushions you get serve your purpose. Standard size cushions work well with most environments and experiment only if you are very sure.

Fabricated stories!

You may want them to multi-task as cushions on your sofa and as a back rest on your bed and to ensure that your cushions look as spiffy as ever, you will need to choose a fabric that is long lasting and doesn’t stain easily. Fabric is of prime importance here. After all, you don’t want the cushions to be giving away the stories of its adventures!

Colour me pretty!

Colours in cushions can be make or break. Cushions can either serve to be the binding element or the ones that provide the contrast in an otherwise one-colour room. There are also patterns like stripes and prints you can play around with. You can also have several cushions in different colours. Whichever way you choose to go, make sure you have a common thread running in your d├ęcor to make it look collected and not haphazard.

Mix and match

Mix and match with cushions can be a tricky idea because sometimes this concept is completely lost on people. While mixing and matching cushions will help elevate the sense of monotony in the room, done wrong it could also look like a very badly executed idea. Make sure you have thought each print and mix through before you decide to go this route.

Quality time

When you want to make sure that you cushions are making the right impression, you obviously want to consider quality. Lumpy, out of shape cushions not only look bad, they can also be extremely uncomfortable for any kind of support you may need. While you may not want to spend a fortune on buying cushions, you also want to make sure the ones that you do buy last long and are durable. Choose carefully!