Looking After A Solid Wood Table

  • Start by keeping your table safe from harm. Do not place it very close to a source of fire because excess heat can dry it out and reduce its life. Direct sunlight can have the same negative effect on your furniture. Also, use mats and coasters on it so that it does not get burned or scratched as a result of daily use.
  • Dust the table frequently in order to prevent accumulation of dust which can cause scratches. Use a high quality duster or one made of microfiber to clean it regularly. While it is best to avoid using water to clean your table, it is sometimes necessary in order to remove dried food or clean any sticky areas. If you do use a damp cloth to clean the table then you should also wipe it down with a non-abrasive cloth afterwards in order to avoid leaving any marks.
  • Avoid polishing your table with oil because it leaves a residue on the surface. Not only does oil attract a lot of dust but it also shows up fingerprints very easily. Even worse, oil does not provide any type of protection to the wood. Use high quality furniture sprays to give your wooden table a glossy look. Make sure that you buy a product that does not contain any kerosene oil. It is also best to avoid using kerosene sprays.
  • A high quality wax should be applied to the table since it offers protection for around 2 years. It also gives the table an attractive look. Make sure that it is applied evenly and in very light coats. The table should be rubbed with a clean and soft cloth until all residue of the wax is removed and the surface has a soft gleam.