Ordering Custom Made Furniture


It is true that sometimes a custom-made item will cost more money than buying from a department store, but it is worth the money. The reason that custom made items might cost a bit more is because the joiner is building something just for you, so it might take a lot of work.

You need to think about how happy you will be with the item and how long it will last. Custom-made items are tend from a higher grade of wood and they will last a lot longer. Some department stores have cheaper items because they have bought cheaper supplies. That’s not the case from a store that’s a department devoted to custom-made items.

Which store?

It is better for you if you buy your custom-made items from a company that has experience in the industry. If you hire a person to build the item for you and they have never done it before, you might find that the item does not last as long, or the wood chips easily. You don’t want to pay for an item that might fall apart later.

Therefore, you should look at the history of the company that you have chosen and see if they experience in custom-made furniture. If they have, you can order from them knowing that you will get the item that you want.


Once you have chosen a company to make your item, it is time to make an order. To do this you need to produce the measurements of the area where you want the item, and the measurements for the size that you would like the item.

You have to get the measurements correct and make sure the company knows that there is no wiggle room when it comes to the measurements. For example, if you are having a children’s bed made, you should not make the bed bigger than the real free space because there will be no room for other furniture.

You might find it useful to take measurements of the other items in the room so that you know that the bed will actually fit around the furniture. You will be very upset if you order your child’s bed and it fits in the space allotted, but the wardrobe makes it so the bed doesn’t actually fit properly.