Buy Door Knobs

Measure Your Door

First, you should do the bore hole measurement. In other words, you should measure the diameter of the bore hole to buy the right sized unit. Make a note of the size. Next, you should measure the backset. This is the space between the edge of the door and the bore hole. Usually, the size is between 2 3/4 or 2 3/4 inches.

Find out how think your door is. Your measurement should start at the left edge and end at the right edge. Often, interior doors are around 3.5 cm thick.

Opt for a Lock and Doorknob

Opt for a lockset. Usually, locksets are divided into two primary categories: cylindrical and mortise. The later feature a rectangular body that glides into a pocket that has a similar shape. The other type feature a rotund body and tends to go into a bore hole and joins the … Read the rest

Beni Ourain Rug

Made of wool from the Atlas Mountains’ sheep, Beni Ourain rugs feature traditional and contemporary patterns in colors that contrast with the naturally white or ivory wool on the other parts of the rugs. The wool used in the various patterns was dyed with natural materials. A series of geometric shapes, such as diamonds, highlight some of the rugs. Others display a design that conveys a cultural story or event. Some of the textiles include fringe.

Often serving as focal points and artwork in interior design, the handmade rugs hang on walls and cover floors. They also are used as clothing decoration, saddle blankets, shrouds for the deceased, prayer mats and to sleep on or under. Certain Beni Ourain rugs bear symbols that identify their purpose. For example, some of the rug users believe particular symbols promote fertility or guard against evil. Likewise, some rug makers burn the sides of … Read the rest

Floor Installation


The subfloor is the layer that is below our flooring and supports the floor. To make sure that it is in good condition before you install your new floor you need to check to see if there is any dipping or sagging as you walk over it. If there are any severe dips they will most like be noticeable. If you see any problems, you should either add supports underneath to prevent any more damage or replace the portions of the floor that is damaged. The smoother your sub-floor the better the new floor will look once it is done. This is especially true for tile because a floor that is uneven could result in cracks or breaks in the tile.

General floor installation tips

Although the correct methods for installing new flooring depends on the flooring you choose there are some things that you need to do for … Read the rest

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

Undergoing a full kitchen renovation is exciting. You are building your dream kitchen from the ground up, nothing can get in the way of your creativity, and at the end of the process you will be left with a show-stopping kitchen to wow your friends. Be careful, however, not to fall into a few common traps a lot of people find themselves in through poor preparation. Below are five mistakes you can easily avoid with a little extra planning.

Leaving Extras to The End

A common mistake among people wishing to remodel a whole room is to focus solely on the larger areas in their initial plans. While it is important to decide early on countertop material, flooring, paint color and whether to fit an island, leaving the smaller details until after the project is underway can cause problems down the line. For example, if you buy stools before … Read the rest

Benefits of Column Radiators

Easily replace old radiators

The latest column radiators are able to maintain the retro look of the old style of radiator which makes it very easy to set-up the home with the latest hardware. Many of the latest radiators can make use of the previous pipe work to avoid the expense and inconvenience of changing the layout of the central heating system.

Practical for rooms with high ceilings

This style of radiator is a practical option for rooms with high ceilings or towering walls. The large surface area is useful to heat the biggest rooms, and the superior heat output and heat retention make them more efficient than alternative options, such as the standard panel radiator.

Horizontal and vertical designs

The column radiators are available in plenty of shapes and sizes to easily match the local decor or room surroundings. The radiators can range from the horizontal or shape-type unit … Read the rest

Bar Furniture

One very innovative way to add glamor to your house is to install a bar furniture. Such furniture will not just instill a sense of richness to the decor but will also be of high use. For the practical purpose, it can be said that it makes real sense to invest in such a bar. A lot of people, men and women, love to drink after a hard day’s work. It is completely sensible to own a personalized bar which will not only give you a sense of contentment but will also allow you to drink at your leisure hours. This gives you the chance to throw parties on random basis. Even when you are in the mood for a casual hangout, you can just invite some of your buddies and settle down at the bar with a glass in your hand. Some people even go on to install a

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Take Care of Scandinavian Furniture

  • The good news is, most authentic Scandinavian furniture is made out of quality durable materials like cloth, metal and Norwegian wood to mention a few. These need to be cleaned with all natural products that are environmentally friendly. Use a micro fiber cloth (found at most Canadian Tires) to polish the metals and wood. They leave the least streak marks. If possible, remove cushions and have them dry cleaned. This will help the wear and tear on the cloth materials. Have any tares or rips professionally repaired before sending them out to the dry cleaners.
  • Keep the furniture in a low traffic zone. These are show pieces like antiques. They can be enjoyed on special occasions and holidays. You do not want your drunk uncle spilling red wine on your newly restores Danish Teak couch.
  • Keep the pieces in a temperature controlled environment. Using them in a patio scenario or
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Buying Baby Furniture

If you’re buying furniture for a new born baby you’re not going to need much as the only necessities are a crib and maybe a change table. However, there are plenty of other items to choose from as well, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to buy them at the current stage or let your kids grow up a bit.

It would be wise to buy furniture that is large enough to cater to kids of varying ages as your baby is going to grow fast and within a few months he or she will be a toddler! Usually parents opt for a 4 in 1 crib as this can be converted into a toddler bed and used for many years before you have to go in and buy a bed for your child’s youth.

Some parents are reluctant to spend a lot of money on … Read the rest

Glass Sliding Doors

Depending on the size of your home you could convert one room into your sanctuary otherwise you could choose your bedroom or living room to be your sanctuary.

If you have the space to use a whole room for this purpose you could add elements of your favourite things to calm your mind and body. If you love reading, you could add a bookshelf with your favourite novels. Decorate the room with paintings that represent tranquillity such as paintings of waterfalls or the beach. A comfortable couch with a lot of cushions is also ideal if you are a reader. You’ll need a soft area to relax while reading. It’s also a good idea to add a small table in the room on which to place your drink or snack while you enjoy the space. To complete the sanctuary a beautifully designed stained glass sliding door with a wooden frame … Read the rest

Effective Uses Of Floor Areas

Begin by Decluttering

Storage is crucial for the optimization of space. storage can help with regard to clutter. Make use of containers that can be stored underneath your bed or inside closets. Look for items in your home that are no longer used and have them given away (you even become charitable in the process) or put them away for storage.

Keep your main livable space spotless. It is important to learn organization skills when you have to declutter. Find furniture with built-in storages spaces.

Look Up

If you are worried about the unavailability of ample floor space, then look up. Remember that there is plenty of wall spaceĀ up there. Those walls weren’t’ built for your family photographs alone. The living room walls can also become the new home for your bookshelves. Coffee tables and center tables have also served as storage spaces for many homes.

As for … Read the rest