Paint Plastic Furniture Easily

It is important to choose plastic paints that adhere to the surfaces of the furniture quickly. There are various types of paint colors made available in most of the online stores at various price rates. It is also available in many of the departmental stores and hardware shops.

Before using these types of paints on furniture, it is important to choose the right place and time to paint them. It is essential to use these types of paints in an open place where there is ample ventilation. Avoid painting during rainy and windy seasons as it may slow down the process of drying.

Prepare the surfaces before the application of paint on the furniture. If the furniture is old, clean it thoroughly with a solution of ammonia and wipe it with a sponge. In case the furniture is new, use a rag with a paint remover to wipe the surfaces. This is mainly done to enhance the ability of the paint to adhere onto the surfaces of the furniture.

Use a spray paint to apply paint onto the surfaces of the furniture. A thin coat of paint can be sprayed onto the surfaces of the furniture by holding the can away from the surfaces. Four thin coats of paint can be sprayed onto the surfaces. But it is essential to allow each coat of paint to dry before applying the next coat of paint.

Cleaning the surfaces before painting it is quite essential so that the paint adheres to the surfaces. It will also eliminate dirt, dust and grime from the surfaces. The surfaces should be wiped dry so that there is no water residue trapped under the paint surfaces.

It is not necessary to use paints which are designed specifically for plastic furniture. Various other types of products can also be used on plastics too. But it is essential to use a good primer so that other products adhere to the surfaces appropriately. All types of paint products can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Tips to Make DIY Chalk Paint:

  • It is quite easy to make chalkboard paint in any type of color. These paints can be used on furniture, flowerpots, walls and any other surfaces. Chalkboard paint can be used to personalize flower pots and other types of materials.
  • Unsanded tile grout and flat finish latex paint need to be mixed in the right amount in a container. Mix it thoroughly till it blends well without any clumps. Apply the paint to the surface with a roller or paint brush.
  • Use sandpaper to sand each coat of paint gently. Wipe away the dust with a clean towel.