Parts Of Door Lock


The part of the locks that extends into your door frame from the strike plate is known as a latch. This part of the door lock can be easily broken or sometimes become sticky, becoming ineffective. If you decide to change this part, it is important to consider a flexible latch to get better security. The standard latches are quickly forced to open.

It is not possible to purchase latches individually at home improvement stores. If you need a good latch, you will get it online or from specialized stores such as the locksmith store. When buying a new latch, ensure that it matches perfectly with your old latch so that you do not get problems.

Strike Plates

The part of the door lock that attaches to the door frame is known as strike plate. The door latch goes through strike plate to maintain a secure lock. Strike plates have different sizes and shapes. Some of the plates might have a rounded opening or a squared opening. Some might be flat on the side and some rounded, depending on the latch that will go into the strike plate. The strike plate exterior shape varies mostly depending on the decorative features of the lock. However, the external shape is not too important to the lock like the interior.

Changing these parts of a door lock is very easy. This is because it requires just two screws to be mounted in the door frame. The strike plates are quite similar to the door latches because they are not sold separately. They are both sold at the large box stores as parts of a lock-set. You can, however, get this part from the particular hardware stores or online stores. Before purchasing the strike plate, ensure that it will match perfectly with your latch.


The meat of your door lock is the lock cylinder. The part of the door lock that has the code for your keys and determines whether to unlock or lock your door is known as the cylinder. If you lose the keys to your lock and need to get a new lock, you can choose to re-key your cylinder instead of replacing it.

In case your cylinder gets sticky or has a key broken in it, it is advisable to replace the cylinder. If the cylinder is broken, you will also have to replace it rather than re-keying it.

In you need to re-key your cylinder; you will have to buy a particular re-keying kit that will match with your brand. These kits are available in the market at a low price, and they can re-key 6 locks each. However, if you need to re-key just a single door, calling a locksmith is a crucial decision. If you require re-keying multiple doors, doing it yourself will be the best option.

When you decide that you will replace your cylinder, it is advisable to visit a specialty lock store or may contact the manufacturer of the lock directly. It is better to replace the cylinder of an expensive lock than that of a cheaper one.