Selecting Wooden Door

  • Locate a reputable wooden doors manufacturer: This is of paramount importance. Since you and I do not understand the characteristics of different woods by sheer appearance, it’s best to seek a professional’s help. Make an informed decision with the help of knowledgeable staff members who can guide you on aesthetics, budget and trends.
  • Decide between solid and hollow wooden cores: This step is probably the most crucial one in the selection process. While a solid wood door is sturdier and more attractive, it is certainly quite expensive. It is available in different types of wood like oak, mahogany, teak, etc while hollow cores are made of fiberboard’s which have gaps in them. This makes them naturally easier on the pocket and also more lightweight. Making a choice between the two is a personal decision.
  • Consider the local climate: Wood is responsive towards fluctuating temperature and water-it expands and contracts; so do bear in mind, for example, that the type of wood you choose will be affected by how much rainfall it is exposed to. An easily available aid these days is the addition of fiberboard panels to the wooden doors, making them less vulnerable.
  • Keep the style of your house in mind: A heavily embellished, ornate door is likely to lend old-world charm to a large stately home, while a relatively sleek, modern wooden door may complement a home that favors contemporary styles. This is again a very individual choice, and one that helps in harmonizing the entire look.
  • Door Opening Dimensions: Consider the size of the opening space under the wooden door. As a general thumb of rule, a clearance space of about half an inch is generally sufficient between the floor and the door for preventing scrapes, peeling and damage to the floor.
  • Make a choice of the door panel style: Door panels are available in many options these days, such as single, double, or even in mufti-units like four or six-panel doors. Designs can vary from elegant simplicity to absolute opulence. Wooden doors are also great for accepting a wide variety of paints that can be in harmony with the color theme of the house.