Standing Desk Stools

Height Adjustability

Fixed height or traditional knee-tilt stools restrict the blood flow in the lower body, causing tension in muscle tissues. Thus, with the height adjustability feature you can adjust your stool from standing to sitting position and anywhere in between. Just make sure that your arms are even with the keyboard height and that the screen is at an appropriate angle to your eyes.

With the sit-stand desk for computers, or the height adjustable laptop stand, a customizable stool is necessary. The stools have a vacuum cylinder with a lever at one side to adjust elevation. So, in case you are worrying about looking up to the screen while working, you shouldn’t. Though a bit expensive, an ergonomic standing desk stool helps position your body in a sitting position, while you are still standing. One can simply not deny the fact that this technology is worth the investment.

The Seat

What do you first look for while buying a standing desk stool? Should it be soft-cushioned? Should it have a hard surface? Keep in mind all your requirements and specification while making the purchase.

What makes a stool durable for an extended period of time is a material with which it is made. The cloth fabric with a rigid support or a leather surface is usually long-lasting. Moreover, the polyurethane makes it easy to clean because it is resistant to dust and liquids.

The seat has a tilt-adjustability feature that helps you lean back and forth. In order to distribute weight evenly, the feet are kept on the raised platform at an angled position. The lower body is positioned in a way that takes off pressure from your legs. Having said that it places your body correctly, you still need to practice the proper posture in order to make the most out of it.