Tips to Stay Warm While Your Tub Fills

Walk-in tubs are an incredible creation that allows those with mobility issues to continue taking care of their hygiene needs independently. But they do have one little catch: Because walk-in tubs use a door for entry and exit, the user must sit inside the tub while it fills, and remain in the tub after bathing until the tub is fully drained. This can leave you feeling a bit chilled as you wait in your walk-in tub. However, most people find that this small inconvenience is worth the incredible benefits walk-in tubs provide. And these tips will help you to stay a bit warmer while you wait in your tub.

Wear a Bathrobe

If you have a walk-in tub, invest in a warm, fuzzy bathrobe that you can wear while you wait for the tub to fill. As the warm water rises to the height of your seat, pull the … Read the rest