Take Care of Duvet Covers

Ensure your duvet covers last for years is down to you and how you care for them. You cannot expect to just throw every item in the washing machine and it never tears, wears or frays. You need to follow simple steps to ensure that you don’t over wear the product and give it a chance to be your luxurious finish to your bedroom for years to come.

One of the most important steps to follow when taking care of your duvet covers is to change your bedding often. Bedding should be changed at least once a week to reduce the risk of over wear. When you leave the bedding on the bed for too long, it begins to wear and fray, which means it will last a shorter time than you were probably hoping for. If necessary, set a reminder in your diary of when you put the bedding on the bed with a note to remove it a week later.

Ideally you will want at least three sets, this means you can have one on the bed, one in the wash and one ready to go onto the bed. This way you will never leave your bedding on the bed for too long while you wait for another set to dry.

When your new duvet covers arrive on your doorstep, ensure you read the care instructions carefully before use. These instructions are placed on the items for a reason, to give you all the information you need to ensure they last as long as possible. The care instructions will tell you what material has been used, how to wash and dry the items and whether they can be ironed or not. Most bedding can be ironed.

The good news is that a majority of duvet covers can just be thrown into the washing machine. As you can imagine this is good news and trying to wash double or king sized duvet covers by hand could become quite a daunting and difficult task. Try and wash your bedding on their own without other items and keep them at a low and economical temperature of forty degrees or less, avoiding any damage.

Wherever possible dry your bedding on an outside washing line. Naturally dried bedding always smells better and it’s not as harsh on the material as a tumble dryer. Of course during the winter months you may not have a choice in the matter, so ensure you read the care instructions to ensure the duvet covers you own can go into the tumble dryer with ease.

Never fold and pack your bedding away before ensuring it’s completely dry. If it’s not one hundred percent dry, rather leave it hanging over a dryer indoors until its bone dry. Then fold carefully and place it on a shelf or in a drawer which is dry. Don’t use a bathroom shelf where the material is constantly exposed to moisture.

You can use perfume sheets between the material when folding to ensure that it smells fresh when you place it on the bed.

For best results consider ironing your duvet cover and pillow cases before you place them on the bed, this can provide a welcome crisp and clean appearance.