Tips to Stay Warm While Your Tub Fills

Walk-in tubs are an incredible creation that allows those with mobility issues to continue taking care of their hygiene needs independently. But they do have one little catch: Because walk-in tubs use a door for entry and exit, the user must sit inside the tub while it fills, and remain in the tub after bathing until the tub is fully drained. This can leave you feeling a bit chilled as you wait in your walk-in tub. However, most people find that this small inconvenience is worth the incredible benefits walk-in tubs provide. And these tips will help you to stay a bit warmer while you wait in your tub.

Wear a Bathrobe

If you have a walk-in tub, invest in a warm, fuzzy bathrobe that you can wear while you wait for the tub to fill. As the warm water rises to the height of your seat, pull the robe off and hang it on a nearby hook. Then, when you’re draining the tub, towel your upper body as the water level drops and put your bathrobe back once it’s below the level of your seat. This should help you stay much more comfortable.

Walk in Tub

Get a Heated Seat

Many walk-in tubs now come with luxurious features that you can add to your bathtub. While soothing jets can undoubtedly make your bath more relaxing, it’s the heated seat you want if you’re worried about getting cold while filling and emptying your tub. Paying a little extra to get this feature will allow you to sit on a warm seat, which will help you to stay comfortable as you wait. It’s well worth the added expense for something that you’ll likely use every single time you bathe.

Use Hot Towels or Rice Bags

Another option to keep yourself warm is to heat some rolled towels or rice bags you can cover yourself with. You can microwave these before you head to the tub and set them down on a nearby surface once they’re warm. Then, climb in, sit, and shut the door before laying the warm towels or rice bags over your shoulders and across your lap. This works best for keeping away the chill as the tub fills up; sadly, they’ll likely lose their heat before you’re done with your bath.

Look into Fill and Drain Times

Finally, be sure to look into the tubs’ fill and drain times you’re considering purchasing. The faster your tub fills and drains, the less time you’ll spend sitting in the tub and getting goosebumps.

While you may have to wait a bit more with a walk-in tub, the accessibility benefits are worth it, and these tips can help you to stay warmer while you wait.