Add a Built-In Wine Fridge to Your Kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen or renovating your home, adding a wine fridge may be your biggest concern being a wine enthusiast. It has been found out by most bloggers and experts that adding a built-in wine fridge to your kitchen is a good option. If you’re looking for ways to add a built-in wine cooler 300mm, then you’re at the right place.

What to consider before buying a built-in wine fridge?

There are many things that you should take into consideration. Keeping it short, measure the space in which the wine cooler is expected to place. Take top and side views to leave extra space for proper ventilation. Install a fully dedicated power supply near your wine cooler space. Make sure that the flooring is hard. Moreover, place the wine cooler where the direct light doesn’t reach. The most important thing to consider is to buy a wine fridge from a reputable seller like

Choose the right wine fridge

First of all, find a model that fully fits your kitchen’s available space. Consideration for this is important because if you’re selecting a compressor wine fridge, the air circulation is supported by the grill fitted at the front. For thermoelectric coolers, you’ll need a different type of space. Similarly, the right wine fridge should also fit the single-zone and dual-zone temperatures. Moreover, your right wine fridge must be according to your preferences.

Pick the best location

In your house, you have many placement options but a kitchen is an ideal option because that’s the place where all the drinks and foods are kept. Well, the location that will perfectly match your wine fridge will have the appropriate temperature, the right amount of free space above and at the back, no vibrations, no direct exposure to light, and good humidity. Never consider placing your wine fridge near the oven or a dishwasher.

Get technical support or gather tools and materials

For installing a wine fridge in the kitchen, there are many technical things to keep in mind like air circulation space required for the fridge and installation information. Without expert advice or support, it is impossible to install the fridge properly.

If you’re installing it yourself, then it is better to consider a detailed guide. Tools you may need are an instruction manual, tape measure, saw, sander, level, head screwdriver, and shims.

Be patient for two hours

Allow your wine fridge to settle down and wait for two hours after it is in position and balanced. Switching it on too quickly might cause issues with its functionality.

Where to install a wine fridge in the kitchen?

In the kitchen, there are many placement options. You can go for slimline, make room on an island, or replace a cupboard, or an unused cabinet in the kitchen.

Enjoy the perks of buying a wine fridge with a temperature-controlled environment under proper humidity and no vibrations.