Build a Modular Sofa

There are a few factors you will need to take into account if you are considering buying a modular unit for your home. These include the spatial restrictions of your living room as well as the size, style and your existing interior design theme. You will need to carefully measure the space you would like your new modular unit to sit in and consider the colour scheme and style of the room in order to determine what will be the best fit. Bear in mind that you will want enough space for your unit to be completely adjustable in its full range of configurations. You will then need to determine what type of fabric you want your sofa to be upholstered in, bearing in mind how easy it is to clean.

Once you have formed a solid idea of the type of modular sofa you are looking for you can … Read the rest

Benefits Buying Sofas Online

Additional services

Services such as transportation, is offered for online customers as an incentive, although to a certain distance from the shop. This makes it somehow cheaper than having to transport the sofa-sets to your place. Some companies even ship furniture for their customers online and get back to you when they receive them. Such additional online services are beneficial to mostly people who live very far from the furniture shop that is offering what they want.

Easier to spot bargains and offers

Due to stiff competition among furniture-selling companies, they are forced to make offers and additional services for their potential customers. Most of them offer their products online to reach and serve customers from all parts of the world, and the internet has become a marketplace for selling everything these days. You are likely to get the best bargains and offers faster, since they are only a click … Read the rest

Choosing Leather Sofa Sets fo Living Room

What many people don’t realize is how many different options there are when choosing a leather sofa set. The material comes in different grains and colors. When choosing one to match your room, you will want to take all of this into consideration, along with the quality of the item.

Over and above the grain and color options, you are also presented with various styles, another consideration you will need to factor into your decision. In most cases the style of the product is down to personal preference and what you feel will work best in your space.

Once you have chosen the style of leather sofa that you want, you need to choose a color. This can be anything from brilliant white to red and light brown to black. With so many options available, it’s easy to choose the one color you feel will enhance your living room and … Read the rest

Warning Signs Bought Wrong Sofa

It’s squeaking.

No mice infestation here. The culprit is frame problems. Just like your old bones squeak and crack, the places where wood pieces are joined together – called “the joining” – are the weakest spots on your sofa. The lower the cost and quality of your sofa, the lower grade “joinings” were likely used when it was manufactured. In all likelihood, that squeak is telling you that your wood is warping somewhere and your frame is getting weaker as a result. Chances are, it’s a joining.

The seat cushions look smashed and it’s less than 3-5 years old.

All you and I are to a sofa is “a load”. That’s not an insult. It’s a truism in the sofa-engineering world. The spring system inside your sofa is working 24/7 to “disperse your load”, and your poor cushions have the thankless job of cradling your dead weight. If your seat … Read the rest

Fabrics For Modular Sofas

Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to fabric choice is whether you are looking to tone down or accentuate the contemporary style of the piece. For many designers, modular sofas are all about expressing vibrancy, informality and colour so you’ll typically see models displayed in sharp pastel colours when browsing the showroom or online. Yet if you live in a period home you may actually be better advised to tone down your fabric selection, opting for neutrals colours that blend more seamlessly with the surrounding environment. If you are not cautious, it’s quite easy to choose a fabric that looks decidedly out of place in your room space.

It’s also important to consider the price differentials when selecting fabrics for a modular sofa as many of the more decorative, ornate fabrics are typically considerably more expensive to purchase on a price per metre basis. Even with conventional sofas … Read the rest