Water Heals

High Blood Pressure

One of the functions of the blood is to transport and diffuse needed water and nutrients into the cells of our body. When our body is dehydrated, the cells become constricted, and our blood becomes more concentrated. This causes the blood to have to use more pressure to do its job, thus creating the symptoms of High Blood Pressure. Drinking more water and adding unrefined sea salt like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt with trace minerals and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium and Zinc, returns the body’s cells to normal size and function and the symptoms of High Blood Pressure will disappear.

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a vital component in your body.

Cholesterol when operating in a balanced healthy body produces cell membranes, brain cells, nerve insulation, hormones and Vitamin D.

When signs of dehydration start occurring in the body, cholesterol will fill the gaps in … Read the rest

About Mobile Home Water Heaters

Mobile homes tend to lack maintenance until something goes wrong, but just like your main home, they should be maintained on a regular basis.

The mobile home water heater never gets looked at till it breaks down, but just like your central heating boiler ay home, it should be serviced annually.

Most of the new mobile homes are now supplied with a full central heating system installed, run by an LPG combination boiler.

Older models were supplied with an LPG water heater, normally fitted in a compartment somewhere.

The most popular heaters were made by Morco and Bosch.

They produced around 5-6 liters of hot water per minute, which for the average family was enough.

Now though, if you need to repair or replace your heater, both Morco and Bosch have ceased production of these models.

Searching the internet you may be able to find a replacement or parts, but … Read the rest

Optimize Coffee Table Decor

Choose the Right Tray

Using trays keeps your material ultra organized. Not only does it look good, but also holds books, coasters, artwork, flowers. Simultaneously, allowing you space to add other things as well. If tray gives a very monotonous look you can use boxes. You can use small boxes and bowls to corral smaller items and a large box to hide items which are useful but not worth display. In this way you can provide texture, color and pattern to your product.

Employ Extra Storage

Your coffee table is a great place for storage. Such multi-purpose product is very useful if you stay in apartments. These materials with pockets drawers are a great choice if you want to tuck small poufs underneath.

Simplistic is Chic

You can also choose to keep your material simple. And sometimes simplicity beholds beauty, for example a Noguchi coffee table. When you want to … Read the rest

Finding Office Tables

Looking For the Right Table for Conferencing

When looking for the right table for conference in your office for Business meeting, there are certain major characteristics to keep in mind when looking at a meeting table.

The Size And The Shape

When looking at different tables, keep the size of the conference room in mind. Rounded meeting tables are common, however, one can opt for tables with edges, you. Again you need to look at the setup and accessibility you are looking for in the room. One can also go for customized shapes like L, V and U- that allow for more space in the middle.

The Material

A popular choice is using processed wood that looks more presentable in a conference room. But one can go for other choices too like steel, glass, laminate, plastic, etc. In some of the tables, you will find the use of two materials … Read the rest

Wooden Garage Door

How can wood give a better appearance when steel is easier to install? The quality of the wooden appearance is not tin-like, rather it is more elegant and appealing. The timber beauty enhances the look of your house even though your house isn’t as big as a mansion. It all works on illusions the outside world perceives.

Often you can make all the openings of your house have the same style as one another especially if you have a wooden garage door. It can easily be made to look like your panelled pivot door or your single panel door. The consistency makes the house look neat and clean and shows that your care about what your home looks like.

Patterns also have been known to be carved onto the wood of the garage door. Once the pattern is on, you will never have to worry about making it beautiful again. … Read the rest

Outdoor LED Lamps

Advantages of LED lamps

  • The diodes usually produce light of a single color; this allows these LED bulbs to be perfect decoration tools mostly where colored lighting is required.
  • The light beams generated are more focused and more taper.
  • The LED bulbs are more durable and therefore best to use in both indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • The led lamps have higher electric energy efficacy, in that they generate more light with the similar amount of current, compared to other bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are more compact and smaller in size, allowing lighting fixing and well even apportion in a room or outdoor.
  • The diodes light up immediately and do not require warm up time.

Types of outdoor LEDs

  • Street lighting, LED lamps are better over the other model of light bulbs due to their energy saving abilities.
  • Landscape lighting, this is where it is used outside like in parks sites or
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Personalising Bedroom

Personalising your bedroom’s design theme and upgrading your furniture is a great way to infuse new life into your bedroom and give it a makeover. Although it might seem a daunting task, it needn’t be at great expense or a huge chore to give your bedroom a little boost. In fact with a little imagination and foresight it can be a simple and highly enjoyable activity.

Start with the small things; your lighting, choice of bed clothes and any ornaments you might have scattered around. By coordinating the features immediately visible upon entering the room so that they match and complement one another, you can transform your bedroom from a chamber of chaos to a soothing and uplifting space that’s entirely your own.

Next you might want to focus on the more prominent design elements, such as the carpet, your choice of furniture and the wall décor. If your carpet … Read the rest

Buying Electric Wires


Usually, two types of materials are used for making electric wires: Aluminum and copper. If you need them for home wiring, we suggest that you always opt for copper quality. Aside from this, you should go for wires with multiple strands rather than single-strand wires. The important thing is that the wire should have a quality mark called ISI. Secondly, you should look for the electrolytic grade. It is recommended that you buy copper wires with an electrolytic grade of 99.97%.

Size of the wire

Usually the most common size of the wires is between 1 sq mm and 4 sq mm. For AC points, the recommended size is 4 or 6 sq mm. For light points, the commonly used size is 1.5 sq mm and so on. It’s very important to go for the right size or you may be wasting your money on unnecessarily thick wires.


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Corner Sofa

First thing when buying a corner sofa is to decide on the room where it is going to be located and things will start to fall into place. You will understand what is the ideal size for the respective space and in case you have troubles visualizing, there are furniture companies that can make a virtual presentation of how your room will look like with your brand new sofa installed.Keep in mind that some companies can also provide custom made solution to your home space.

Along with patterns, the color palette is another important factor to consider. The texture of the fabric must also be taken into account, since it can contribute to the overall feeling of the room and it can add warmth or bring a cool air to the whole space, depending on the effect you’re looking after.

The elegant Fleming model that originates in UK, with its … Read the rest

Paint Front Door Like a Pro

Choose the right time and place

Some experts recommend laying the door flat on a pair of trestles for decorating. This has some advantages: it’s easier to avoid drips when working on a horizontal surface; with no frame, you can reach every part of the top and bottom edges; and painting the hardware cut-outs is simpler because you won’t have to fit the hinges and handles until afterwards.

On the other hand, doors are heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and take up a lot of space. The trestles might leave contact marks behind; and you will have to wait several hours for the first side to dry before you can paint the second one.

In practice, most home owners prefer to decorate the door in the frame. Wait for a warm day (at least 10°C) with no wind, to avoid dust being blown on to the wet paint. Don’t work in … Read the rest