Home Furnishing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Beds without Headboards:
    People often forgo the headboard. Check out various headboards at home furniture stores online to match your bed. Headboards help create a focus for the room. If you don’t want headboards, highlight the area with textured paint, large eye-catchy artwork or bright and decorative tapestry.
  • Match everything:
    Sometimes it’s essential to deviate from the regular. The idea of matching everything would give you a pleasant room. However, if you are good with colors and proportions, you could try bolder combinations. Focus on complementing rather than matching and the effect is wonderful.
  • Shopping at one place:
    Don’t limit your choices by buying all your home furnishing pieces at one place. Try out various stores for variety and options. This way you would not be restricting the style of your home decor.
  • ‘Lifeless’ interiors:
    Nothing brightens up a room better than fresh flowers and indoor plants. Whether they are
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Emergency Lighting

Battery Powered

There are now many options for battery powered lights, especially with the invention and widespread use of LED light technology. LED’s are brighter, lighter in weight, smaller in size, cooler to the touch and more durable than old fashioned lighting options. LED’s have also come down in price significantly in the last decade, and are being manufactured in great amounts in Chinese factories. With LED’s you have the option of having smaller and much more portable flashlights and many other types of lights, all powered by smaller batteries such as AA or triple A, rather than the larger, much heavier batteries like C and D, making LED battery powered flashlights, camping lights and emergency lights a great option to have around.

Solar Powered

There’s a wide array of solar powered lights available these days. There are many large camp lights, flashlights and small portable solar flashlights that are … Read the rest

Calacatta Marble

While Carrara has many gentle veins, Calacatta has a few bold veins, very dramatic indeed. The soothing white background and the veins appeal worldwide to homeowners, designers, and architects. Greater whiteness indicates higher prices and charm. The veins suit book-matched installations too, as compared to other marble patterns.

We offer 6 varieties of Calacatta. Each is exquisite and they are called Calacatta Classic and Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold Premium and Calacatta Lasa, Calacatta Splendor and Calacatta Vagli. Against the white backdrop, the veins may be golden or gray in several shades. The neutral colors may be easily blended with wood varieties and other decor elements. Plan the color choices as dramatic contrasts or moderate effects.

Whatever is high-end is not commonly found. Greater demand results in higher prices. Calacatta marble comes to our homes and offices from a single location globally in Carrara in Italy, far, far away! It may … Read the rest

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Reduced repair cost

Almost every manufacturer of HVAC systems recommends that these systems should be inspected and services annually. Observing strict adherence to manufacturers’ instruction can lead to reduced repair costs. Delaying the annual service will not only cause inefficient cooling or heating but also leads to increased utility bills. So make sure your units are inspected on time. HVAC repair or cleaning is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive replacements.

Increased equipment lifespan

Heating systems or air conditioners clogged with dust and grime consume more energy to maintain the same performance. Dust accumulation often leads to early burnout and failure. Rather than spending money change-outs or replacements, invest in maintaining the overall performance of your equipment. A well-maintained HVAC system will produce the same level of heating or cooling throughout its service life.

Improved air quality

Dirty coils and blower parts can badly affect the quality of air. This … Read the rest

Wrought Iron Doors

Many older American homes started out as one style, but later additions or renovations have completely corrupted their origin. Adding vinyl siding, for instance, can obscure all aspects of style except the basic structure.

However, American Style is more free and modern, taking elements from diverse traditions and blending it with more grandeur and more pizzazz than anywhere else. Whatever the style of your home, upgrading the exterior doors will help bring it all together. Exterior doors come in a wide range of materials, from weathered wood, to sleek steel, impressive wrought iron or contemporary fiberglass designs. Of primary importance to selecting the right exterior doors is to consider your home’s basic architectural structure.

While some homes have been built to resemble a particular style, such as a ‘mock Tudor’ what has become most common on the American landscape are “mock mansions” – large, developer-built custom homes with certain common … Read the rest

Build a Modular Sofa

There are a few factors you will need to take into account if you are considering buying a modular unit for your home. These include the spatial restrictions of your living room as well as the size, style and your existing interior design theme. You will need to carefully measure the space you would like your new modular unit to sit in and consider the colour scheme and style of the room in order to determine what will be the best fit. Bear in mind that you will want enough space for your unit to be completely adjustable in its full range of configurations. You will then need to determine what type of fabric you want your sofa to be upholstered in, bearing in mind how easy it is to clean.

Once you have formed a solid idea of the type of modular sofa you are looking for you can … Read the rest

Cleaning Stone Floors

The key to regular cleaning is the selection of the correct product formulations for your particular floor. Natural stone and manmade tiles can vary in their ability to deal with cleaning agents. A stone-specific formulation is key and will ensure that adequate cleaning results are achieved without damage to your floor.

A tip to ensuring that your product selection is appropriate for your floor is to test it on an inconspicuous area. Never use bleach and always apply the cleaning agent with a soft cloth or mop. Try not to over wet the floor and ensure that all residue is rinsed away. Residue left on the tiles will attract dirt and the result will be dirtier tiles than you started with.

Specific brushes are available to deep clean grout lines. Be careful when cleaning the surface of your tiles as dirt can easily be pushed into the grout lines. Grout … Read the rest

Garage Door Repair

In order to determine where the problem is you need to perform two simple tests. The simplest test to do is on the door opener. Use it to see if you can open the door with no problems but if it is not working right then this is your problem but if is working right, test the door. To see if it is the garage door that needs repaired open it manually. It if makes a grinding noise or is difficult to move then the door is the problem. The overhead door moves using spring tension and rolls along metal tracks attached to the garage walls. A heavy spring creates the power that goes through the tension. When you are working on garage door repair you should always check the hardware first to see if there are any issues after checking the door opener.

When it is a garage door … Read the rest

Benefits Of Marble Floors

Easy Cleaning

As far as cleaning is concerned, marble flooring is an ideal choice. In the case of carpets, dropping any type of food or drink may leave behind stubborn stains. This problem can get worse if you have kids and pets in your house.

The good thing about marble is that it’s moisture resistant and the surface is easy to clean regardless of the type of spill. So, it will be much easier for you to keep your floors clean at all times, which is good news for moms who find it really annoying to clean spills from the floors.

Elegant Finishes

With marble tiles, you can make your rooms look enhanced. Whether you use them on your entryway or bathroom, the titles will glow and illuminate the space. That’s the reason most homeowners love the look these tiles give to their homes. If you want an elegant finish, … Read the rest

How To Identify The Electrician

The Different Roles Of An Electrician

There are many things that an electrician can do for you depending on your need. In order for you to get quality services from an electrician, it is important to ensure that he is licensed. There are different levels of accreditation that are given to electricians. They can only get accredited when they have satisfied certain conditions.

Some of the conditions include having the correct tools to carry out the work. They also need to have the necessary insurance. This will guarantee compensation to the electricity distributor and the clients in case of an accident while working. There are three levels of accreditation for electricians which gives them authority to carry out various tasks.

Levels Of Accreditation

A level one accredited service provider or ASP can connect your property to the electricity network. They can do this by lengthening the network to reach your … Read the rest