About Slip Cover

Washing Covers

Sometimes the washing machine does not remove the tougher stains. So I will share my secret to removing tough stains from a slip cover. Wool lite! This is a hand wash soap which can be bought at Woolworths. It is quite pricey but well worth it.

Tap warm water in the bath with a few cap full’s of Wool lite hand wash and let it soak for an hour or so. Rub the material together with your hands and rinse well. Hang the covers out to dry and finally put them back onto the couch while they are slightly damp – it’s much easier!

Replacing Cushion Stuffing

Another neat feature of a slip cover couch is that the filling of the cushions can be topped up if they have lost their ‘puffiness’.

Remove the cover of the cushion by un-zipping the back. Remove the inner cushion and find the zip on the back which gives you access to the filler. The filler is called uni-curl and be purchased from local upholstery stores. Stuff away until the cushion is nice and puffy. Close the zip of the inner cushion and slip the cover back on. The cushion should be almost ‘over puffy’ as it will settle.

Protecting Against Stains

I would recommend 3M Scotch Guard for your fabric. It is a water and stain repellent that works well on all types of materials. Coricraft will try sell you a scotch guard treatment but you can do it yourself quite easily.

Purchase an aerosol can of Scotch Guard from the hardware store. Prepare the area you will work in and make sure it is well ventilated. Hold the cash about 10-15cm away from the fabric and spray it on in a sweeping motion. Two coats are advisable.

Transporting your slip cover couch

Be sure to remove the covers to avoid tears, scuffs or marks. If the couch itself gets slightly damaged the cover will hide it.

Avoid bleaching and dying

I recommend not leaving your couch in an area that has direct sunlight. UV rays will bleach the cover, or worse yet, a part of the cover. Re-dying the covers does not work well at all.