Advantages of Platform Beds

Major Advantages of Platform Beds

The main advantage of choosing one of these beds is for comfort since there’s no box springs, it also tends to be more comfortable. Other advantages include:

  • Since there is no box springs with these kinds of beds, you’ll never have to worry about the squeaky springs that often happen with box spring mattresses
  • The solid wood construction makes these beds very sturdy and helps them last many years
  • A lot of these beds come with storage underneath, which saves space and useful for small spaces. The storage includes drawers or a place to store books.
  • They come in all sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and California king
  • A platform bed can come in different heights, from a few inches off the ground to a foot or more depending if there is storage underneath
  • The wood comes in many stains from completely unfinished to very dark so it can be used as the focal point or to blend with the rest of the furnishings
  • Takes up less space than traditional beds

Choosing a Platform Bed

When you’ve decided that a platform is best, you will then need to decide on the size. If you already own a mattress that you plan to use, obviously, you will need to buy the same size as your mattress.

If you are buying a new mattress and a platform bed, you will then have to decide what size is best suited for the room. For instance, a small room for a child would be a perfect space for a twin size that has cabinets or drawers for storage. The drawers can replace the need to have a separate dresser which helps make the room appear larger.

You can find the platforms with no drawers underneath for a very unique look. The variations can make a bedroom or loft look chic and welcoming.

Popularity of Platform Beds Makes Finding them Easier

Since you can shop for a platform bed online or locally, it has made them much more affordable than in the past. In addition, you can find the beds in a wide price range to fit any budget.

The styles remain clean and simple, but the variations in the styles ensure everyone searching for a platform bed will find one that will fit their space perfectly.

The selection and styles available today makes the platform bed a true winner when you’re looking for a new bed for any member of the family. Having the ability to shop online makes it easier to find a larger selection and having it shipped directly to your home makes shopping more convenient.