Come Rain or Shine – Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture allows for you to spend much more time actually using your furniture because unlike the classic wooden furniture, you don’t need to paint or varnish it to give it any added protection throughout the year.

Usually, it will all be doom and gloom with the weather and then all of a sudden… BAM… the sun comes out and catches everyone off guard. Although it is still chilly, the sun is out and it’s time for you to get some Vitamin D flowing through you again. Normally if you have wooden furniture, this will be the time that you get the paint and varnish out and start your maintenance DIY on the furniture so that it can stand another year of punishment from our weather.

This is where Rattan differs. The material used to make the rattan is generally a form of plastics that is then moulded into long strands that is then hand woven around a frame. Due to the materials being used, the furniture has greater properties compared to wood which allows for it to withstand the outdoor weather conditions that we are susceptible to. If the rattan furniture gets wet or has debris on it such as leaves, berries and twigs then you simple brush off what you can and then get a hose on it to clean it. Add a bit of soapy water to remove the more stubborn dirt and the furniture will be good as new. Wooden furniture on the other hand is a bit trickier because you can still use the same cleaning methods as per the rattan furniture above but this has the potential to scrub away any protective varnish off of the wood which in turn will eat into the wood itself to diminish the overall lifespan of the furniture.

This will mean more maintenance will be required to bring the wooden furniture back onto par especially when comparing to rattan furniture.

This brings me onto my next point when it comes to watery weather. Have you ever seen it absolutely hammer it down with rain and you just want to run out and dance around like a crazy person?

Well, combine that feeling in the rain with a gazebo or a large parasol and you can enjoy the sounds and the fresh cleansing smells while sitting out in your garden. Add a fire pit or a barbeque into the mix and you have a recipe to have a fantastic time in pretty much any weather condition.