Different Furniture Styles

Dividing antique and vintage

All the furniture that existed in the earlier period fall under the antique category. Some of the things that make antique furniture amazing are the processes of crafting out the wood and age, rarity, conditions as well as unique features that make the final entire piece collectible. Therefore, if you find old furniture having a high price, it is because of the fact that it is a collectible. Genuinely, original antique furniture are at least 100 or so years old and often come from dealers with impeccable experience to vouch for authenticity. On the other hand, vintage comes in only when the furniture exhibits a particular quality with regard to a particular era. Consequently, a vintage 1950 sofa may be quite different from a vintage 1990 sofa.

Touch of traditional and rustic style

During the Victorian period, most of the formal furniture you would find were traditional furniture. With a combination of elaborate and graceful decoration (Chippendale style), aesthetic embellishment, perfectly straightened out lines to say nothing of Sheraton style, you could not help looking on with awe. In addition, you find dainty pieces with contrasting inlays and tapered legs. Altogether, these features create a warm and cozy environment with elegant fabrics, plush sofa and dark hand crafted timber pieces.

As for rustic, it entails various styles coming together to create warm, natural and genuine interiors. Rustic furniture invariably comes from warm timber or from soft material such animal hide, linen and the like. It creates a warm and homely look aside from its relaxation mood. Therefore, discount mattresses, sofas and chairs that are rustic fit well in tropical regions though you can try them anywhere else.

Modern and contemporary

The 1900, the modernist movement gave birth to modern furniture. It has quite a number of combinations that involves vinyl, leather, steel, plastic and molded ply wood to give out sleek and stylish interiors (monochromatic colors are an integral part of the combination). To drive the point home, modern furniture always refers to the styles and designs that depict the modernist movement era. Contemporary furniture however, is all the furniture that people use in the present. It is easy to confuse the two but now that you know, you can share something with your friends who seem to be in the dark with regard to choosing furniture styles.