Home Furnishing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Beds without Headboards:
    People often forgo the headboard. Check out various headboards at home furniture stores online to match your bed. Headboards help create a focus for the room. If you don’t want headboards, highlight the area with textured paint, large eye-catchy artwork or bright and decorative tapestry.
  • Match everything:
    Sometimes it’s essential to deviate from the regular. The idea of matching everything would give you a pleasant room. However, if you are good with colors and proportions, you could try bolder combinations. Focus on complementing rather than matching and the effect is wonderful.
  • Shopping at one place:
    Don’t limit your choices by buying all your home furnishing pieces at one place. Try out various stores for variety and options. This way you would not be restricting the style of your home decor.
  • ‘Lifeless’ interiors:
    Nothing brightens up a room better than fresh flowers and indoor plants. Whether they are bright colored flowers or lively green shoots or even a thorny cactus, they give an aura that cannot be replicated through silk flowers and artificial greenery. The best part about real flowers and plants are that you can change them seasonally.
  • Only ‘Selfies’:
    Pictures of only you all over the walls could freak out your guests. Instead focus on capturing memories of occasions, friends and family. This is a golden rule which applies for life-size portraits, paintings and drawings.
  • More than one focal point:
    Ideally each room should have only one focal point. People often make the mistake of focusing on more than one area. In a living room, it is always either the fireplace, TV or a view. In the bedroom, it’s the headboard, and in the bathroom it’s the vanity.