Home Trends You Should Carry Forward To 2021

Interior decor evolves just as drastic as fashion, such that what is in today may be out tomorrow. Remember the crop tops our grandmas wore in the ’80s when they went to the disco? They are back! Fashion is, however, not our point of focus today as we are looking into what we have in our homes that we think we should keep living on. Some of the ways to be discussed have been embraced by fermliving.us, while some will learn today. Regardless, they all should follow through the new year and beyond.

House plants

Of the elements of mother nature, flora represents life, and it brings in the aspect of wood inside the home. Wood means growth, anchoring, and the cycle of life, among other things and so having house plants is the perfect way to add that aspect to your home. Having house plants has been a trend that has been catching up, and we think it should continue. Use succulents, hanging plants, and even cascading crops to bring nature inside.


There has been news that the old formula of paint containing lead and lead can be dangerous to kids. And so the alternative people have been running to is the use of wallpapers as wall art. That effect has become a trend many households have adapted, and they look fantastic. With wallpaper, people have been able to bring in an aspect that was only a dream once. Designing different rooms in the home is now affordable and achievable. This is a trend that should keep growing for sure.


Wall art

Gone are the days when the only piece of art that hung up was the wall clock. Today, you find homes with loads and loads of artwork gracing the walls, giving each some character. Wall art is extensive as it extends to the person’s preferences so much so, you find a home with nature-inspired artwork, while in some families, you see animals, others so many other things like abstract art. This, too, should stay.

Smart lighting

Today, homes are adopting a new way to save energy, using smart lighting in the house. In this plan, the home’s lighting connection is wirelessly integrated with the homeowners’ mobile device, where they can switch the lights using their phones. This is convenient and mostly a security feature that can be used to scare away burglars that may be larking and waiting for opportunities to steal while you are away.

Final thoughts

Indeed you want to keep your home looking smart and trendy, and the styles above should be part and parcel of the interior decor in your home. You might want to change things up once in a while so that you keep them fresh. For example, change the wallpaper or the wall art and remember to keep everything clean. It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and so your humble abode will look heavenly if it is smart, trendy, and clean.