Oak Furniture Care

Conditioning the wood is one of the first things that should be done after you purchase oak furniture. This is easy to do on your own and requires just a few minutes of your time. When you condition the furniture you will be able to prevent many stains that would otherwise occur while also helping to create the perfect look in your home. You can condition almost any type of wood furniture, including tables and chairs.

Dusting is also something that you should do to all of your oak furniture pieces no less than one time per week. Dusting keeps the bunnies away and ensures that your furniture looks its best. Along with regular dusting, be sure that you clean the pieces with an oil-based cleanser once every three to four months. This keeps them looking their best.

If you have outdoor furniture the care that should be undertaken to keep it at its best is just a little bit different than that which is necessary for indoor oak furniture. While you want to follow all of the above steps for outdoor pieces, it is also essential that you add a waterproof coating to the furniture. Outdoor oak furniture can take a great bit of damage with the various weather conditions it will have to endure. Without this waterproofing your furniture may look old and worn long before its time.

Keeping the oak furniture out of direct sunlight is yet another way to keep the pieces looking their best. Sunlight will damage any type of wood when it is in constant contact. This is not the change that you want to see in your furniture, so keep it away!

Always use coasters and table covers when using oak tables. Water and other liquids can stain oak furniture. Coasters and covers can be purchased at many different home stores at reasonable prices. Invest in them and benefit greatly.