Choose Good Quality Bedding

Bed linen

The first step in choosing good quality bedding is to select a material with which you feel comfortable. Pure cotton is the ideal choice because it’s much more breathable than synthetics, which can cause an unpleasant amount of sweating – especially during the warmer months. Egyptian cotton is the softest, strongest and most absorbent of them all. However, it is expensive so if you would like to enjoy the benefits of cotton on a budget, I recommend a blend with as high a proportion of cotton as you can afford.

You should also pay attention to the weave of the cotton, as this can make a huge difference to the texture, durability and absorbency of your bed linen. Some of the most popular cotton weaves for bed linen include:

  • Flannel – soft and cosy; good for winter
  • Oxford – soft and heavy; good for winter
  • Percale – lightweight,
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