Types of Outdoor Lighting


The task lights are a practical choice for installing at entrance points to front porches, sheds, garages, etc. They give a useful amount of illumination to make it that much easier to enter and leave a property. One of the most attractive styles to install above the front door is the lantern wall light which has a very inviting and stylish look. Also, the flush fitting wall lights give similar illumination, but are more cost-effective and great for installing above the back or side doors.


Floodlights are a useful option to give a little extra illumination to the outside seating areas, steps, driveways and paths. Alternatively, the deck lights can help to mark out a pathway.


Accent lights are the best option to add a touch of drama and atmosphere to the garden. They are a nice way to highlight a water feature, sculpture, pond, certain plants … Read the rest

Beds for Children

On the other end of the age scale when it comes to beds are beds for teenagers. With this age range traditionally hard to please, a wide selection of beds is available for them; from conventional full size beds to a couple of more unusual types. One example of this is ‘chill out’ beds, which allow your teen to do exactly that – chill out. They can be used as a comfy sofa during the day and a bed at night. They can also provide storage space for everything from computer games and CD’s, to books and magazines, or even clothes.

It is also possible today to buy multi-media beds with built in music and television! Sleepovers are increasingly common these days; especially with girls, and it is possible to purchase dual function sleepover beds that are easily converted when the guests arrive.

A classic choice for children’s beds, especially … Read the rest

Advantages Choosing Platform Beds

Platform beds are very popular in both smaller and larger rooms for a good number of reasons. Anyone looking for that perfect piece which will enhance their bedroom space and offer that modern and comfortable finish, this may be the type of bed you are looking for.

Many people choose this particular piece based on their height. Platform beds tend to be closer to the ground, which is often preferred by many homeowners. While close to the ground, they offer that security while sleeping.

Don’t be fooled by their low height, these platform beds offer ample storage underneath, which is often why they are such a popular choice. The perfect solution for smaller homes and rooms where space is an issue, these items offer that storage solution to help keep the room completely clutter free.

In some cases the pieces may include shelves and other storage areas as part of … Read the rest

Shaker Custom Furniture

The shaker style began when Jane and James Wardly began their own version of Christian religion in 1774. The travelled to America from Manchester England much like many of the other religious groups who were trying to escape persecution in Europe. The custom furniture they made was just one aspect of the traditional habits that make up the Shakers unique. You can give credit to these people for their significant cultural contributions and their stringent rule of equality between the sexes. The Shakers are often referred to as the charismatic Christians because they openly display communication and friendliness towards outsiders.

This large self-sufficient group of people needed little to no help from the outside world. Shakers are known for creating small communities where they rely on their own food to be grown and also furniture to be made. To support these communities the skill of custom furniture labour was enabled … Read the rest

Beds to Suit Sleeping Styles


The term “supportiveness” concerns how well a mattress keeps the sleepers body on a level, flat plane and not allowing any part of the body to be lower or higher than the rest. More often than not, supportiveness is undermined by sagging of the mattress rather than the softness. The top complaint of individuals about their beds is that the mattress is sagging.

Quite often, the middle of the mattress will become compressed and be much lower than the rest. This will put a person’s back into a very unnatural position, which can cause pain and discomfort.


The term “conformability” describes how the mattress molds, or conforms, to the body’s natural contours. Beds have good conformability if one’s entire body is supported equally. When there are gaps in support, this is a lack of conformability, which results in stress being put on part of the body, particularly the … Read the rest

Buying Quality Furniture

Unfortunately, there are negative consequences associated with slamming your body onto the couch if its material isn’t sturdy enough. You need quality finished wood and wood that is not adjoined with nails or glue. A lot of cheap furniture stores will throw together a couch with glue and nails. You will even see many computer chairs made like this, which is why they always fall apart within the first year of them being used. When you think about all the weight you are putting on your chairs and couches every day, it adds up. So, make sure you look for quality in the material and the fabric of your furniture.

You are probably thinking, “How do I tell if a piece of furniture is good quality or not?” Well, the first thing you have to do is get familiar with the three different types of wood that the furniture could … Read the rest

Purchasing Workstation Furniture

Anyone who is looking to get into this type of employment or start a company using such a format needs to understand the importance of workstation furniture. This article aims to provide all the information you need to know when purchasing workstation furnitures.

To begin with, we will look at what workstation furniture should provide. In many cases, this is simply a sturdy, accessible and appropriate surface for your desktop computer monitor, mouse and keyboard along with a comfortable office chair. Preferably, this surface will also allow for storage of other important office equipment such as computer related devices and also provide a clean, comfortable area for viewing and writing documents.

The furniture at your workstation needs to conform to country specific legislation for workstation assessments. It needs to be customisable and adjustable, not everybody is the same height, nor do they find the same seating positions and legroom comfortable. … Read the rest