George Nelson Bench

Coffee Table

This is probably the first thing that comes to our mind. The George Nelson Bench makes a beautiful living room center table that accommodates a couple of magazines or even a food tray. Some homeowners even use it at their patio as coffee table, which blends elegantly with the outdoor landscape of their patio. Moreover, if you want think of your office space, this popular piece of furniture can be a great substitute for your office lounge center table as well.

Office Lobby Waiting Seat

If you have a small office that can’t accommodate huge sectional sofas, this model is a great idea for lobby waiting seat especially for a short waiting period. Moreover, if you have a couple of great chairs at the lobby space, it can server the purpose of a coffee table as well.

Outdoor Garden Bench

GNB has been primarily designed as an outdoor garden bench which can help your lie down and enjoy the luxury of the nature. You can use it in your lawn or use it as a picnic bench as well.

Kitchen Table

If you’re single and don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen, Nelson Bench can be a great idea and useful accessory for your kitchen. If you’re running short of shelves to put random kitchen accessories like vessels, bottles, jars and pans, comes extremely handy.

Dining Room Buffet

A GNB can be extremely useful in your dining space especially when you’re inviting guests over a buffet. Place food trays over it in your dinning space for serving meals and make it convenient for your guests to help themselves. If you want to use it just as a decorative item, place a vase or any other home d├ęcor artefacts and it will add to the aesthetics of dining room space.

Bathroom Stool

While wooden furniture items aren’t exactly ideal for bathroom, but GNB can be a handy stool to hold your bath towel, cosmetics and other bathroom amenities especially if your bathroom is fairly large and has dry space.