LED Filament Bulbs

Filament tower technology was developed by CREE, which is a way of arranging the LED chips vertically to create that traditional feel that home-owners are looking for. This mimics traditional light and can be very warm and welcoming. The great thing with the LED filament bulb is that it comes in a wide range of shapes an sizes, so you can choose the ones you feel best meet your particular requirements whether it’s a traditional bulb or a candlelight bulb.

Further, you will find that these LED filament bulbs are used extensively in restaurants, high end stores and homes. They do have a shorter life span than some of the other LED lighting options available on the market, but in most instances you can expect them to last anywhere up to forty thousand hours, depending on the brand and quality that you purchase.

You will find as with all LED lighting, the LED filament bulb is also highly energy efficient, which can help you reduce your energy bill considerably on a monthly basis. They also don’t give off any dangerous chemicals, which makes them very environmentally friendly, reducing their impact on the environment on a daily basis.

The company you purchase from needs to have an excellent reputation in the LED lighting industry. It is advisable to do your research not only into the LED filament bulbs to identify if they are the right choice for you, but also do some research into the supplier, ensuring that they are going to provide you with the best level of service at all times.

Choose a handful of companies you feel you could purchase from. This enables you to review each company in detail, doing your own homework and then compare them against each other to find the one that provides you with the best quality bulb and the finest quality service now and after the sale.

Go through each of the suppliers websites in detail. You don’t only want to see what LED filament bulbs they supply, but you want to learn more about the supplier, how long they have been operating and what other services they may provide. The company may provide a complete lighting design solution, along with energy charts and surveys, which can help you make smarter energy choices now and in the future.

Don’t rely on what you find on the suppliers website alone. It is always worthwhile to do your own research as well, before placing any orders. Type the company name into your search box and go through the results. You want to find lighting forums and independent review sites, where you can read honest customer feedback on their experience dealing with this particular supplier, along with the quality of their products. This step can help you narrow down your short list considerably leaving you with one or two suppliers where you can buy LED filament bulbs with complete confidence