Repair Pet Damaged Furniture

In order to make your pets behave correctly, you have to train them using praise and treats. Training is not always easy, but eventually Fido or Fluffy will understand that your couch is your throne, not theirs. When training, a pet owner has to be careful. If you train your cat to be afraid of a loud noise courtesy of a scat mat, you may end up training her to be afraid of all loud noises.

  • Q: I love my dog, but every time I come home from work, I find him sitting on my leather sofa, looking like he owns the place! How do I help him understand that the sofa is not for him to sit on?
  • A: Pets jumping up on the furniture is pretty common, especially if you’ve been relaxed in how you train them. Ideally, you’d like your dog to just know that the sofa is off limits, but it’s never that easy. A simple way to fix this problem is to create a “pet space” that is more desirable or comfortable than your sofa. Find a luxurious and plush dog bed for your dog to sleep or relax on. Next, create a corner that’s just for him. Get a few extra toys and make the dog bed the center of their new space. By creating this special space, your dog will feel included, and will no longer have to lounge on your sofa.
  • Q: My cat has a terrible habit of jumping up on my wooden bookcase and leaving it scratched. Please tell me how to stop her!
  • A: Cats will scratch. It’s just a law of nature. But your bookcase shouldn’t be bearing the brunt of it. Consider buying your cat a scratching post that’s tall enough to deter them from jumping onto your wooden bookcase. Giving her a structured space will allow her to scratch to her hearts content, without worrying about being punished for doing something natural.

Although pet training is essential to harmony in your home, sometimes you run into instances where your furniture is too damaged to just cover it up and hope for the best. When you have permanent scratches or bite marks in your wooden furniture, it’s time to call in the experts! Furniture repair can be costly if you let it, so be sure to find a reputable furniture repair service.