Teak Furniture For Summer


Teak is known as one of the most durable materials for outdoor and patio furniture. True teak, also known as Tectona grandis, comes from the forests of Southeast Asia, and has developed a resistance to the trials of hot, humid, and sunny weather. Now it’s perfect to use around the world, in any weather condition.

Teak has natural oil in it which makes it rot resistant, and very easy to care for. You can choose to let teak weather naturally, with no care on your part, or just use a wash cloth and some warm soapy water to clean it at the end of a season. There’s no need to varnish, cover, or store indoors, either. Feel free to leave your teak patio furniture outside all year round!

If your teak furniture will be used around food, consider buying a clear coating to protect it from any oil stains. Outside of that, teak is a low-maintenance material that will only gets better with age, making it the ideal material for outdoor furniture.


Unlike other materials, teak ages gracefully, especially outdoors. When left in the sun, it develops a soft, beautiful silver patina that is highly prized by collectors. This colour makes it blend in elegantly with outdoor surroundings, making it a perfect part of outdoor patio furniture. No part is needed on your behalf to attain this stunning patina, as well.

If you’d like to keep your teak’s original honey-gold colour, however, there are very easy ways to do just that. First, regularly clean your furniture with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, then leave to dry for 1-2 days. Once dry, you can oil the furniture with teak oil, using either another cotton cloth or household paint brushes. You only need one coat! Finally, once you’re finishing oiling and the furniture is dry, put the finishing touches on by buffing with a clean cloth. Repeat every few months to keep the original colour of your teak furniture. And remember: no matter how silver teak becomes, the patina is simply a thin layer of oxidation, and can be sanded away in need to restore the original golden hue.


Imagine a warm summer day out on the patio. What type of outdoor furniture would be the most comfortable? Plastic, metal, or wood? Plastic will warp in the sun and can be blown around by strong winds, while metal is stiff and can turn burning hot when outdoors. Not only is teak wood the most comfortable to relax in, but teak furniture won’t retain heat or go flying when a gust comes by. Teak is durable, sturdy, comfortable, and far more aesthetically pleasing that other outdoor materials. It goes far in adding that extra bit of comfort and elegance to your outdoor area.

Cost effective

When first looking for teak outdoor furniture, you might be surprised to see higher prices than other materials. However, compared to the low (to non-existent) maintenance and cleaning costs, teak is actually one of the more affordable materials you can find. Additionally, its durability means that you are far less likely to have to replace it, like you might with cracked or warped outdoor furniture built from other materials. In the end, a teak furniture set can actually translate into long-term savings.